Martin Promoted to New Position on AV Staff

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Former AV Assistant, Emily Martin, has been promoted to Assistant Media Library Manager in Audio Visual Services. Emily is a sophomore Communications major from Harmony, Pa, and has been with the department for over a year now.

"Growing up, my mom worked in my elementary school's library and I would always help her with little jobs around the library. By the time she left that job, I really learned my way around the library and the entire library system.  Falling into the media library kind of seemed like it was where I was supposed to be," she said.

In this position, Emily will help Media Library Manager Kevin McCarty oversee the Media Library in the Audio Visual Department, with tasks including but not limited to checking media in and out, coordinating reserve and hold of media titles, entering new media into the Workflows database, organizing and overseeing media inventory twice a year, database and media maintenance, and understanding a wide array of federal, state, local, and departmental policies to both assist in educating the patron community, and uphold them as applicable.

Student workers in the AV department are hired as general assistants, and then typically groomed to move into managerial roles that connect well with their individual goals and aspirations. Sometimes deciding what path to take can be difficult. 

"My advice to other AV staff members trying to figure out what managerial position they think they should pursue is don't think about it," said Martin.  "At the end of the school year when I was told to start thinking about where I would want to be placed, I really wanted to follow in the Public Relations direction, because I thought that it would look good with my communications major," she explained. "But soon I realized that I can't try to do something or get into a position just because it would look good with my major when I really didn't have a clue how to do any of it, I needed to just go with what I felt I would be good at and what I most enjoy doing."

The Audio Visual department creates a fitting environment for personal growth and valuable experience, providing students the rare opportunity to earn money while enhancing critical marketing skills and providing professional services to the academic community, bettering students' college experience and fortifying them for future endeavors.

For more information about AV Services and employment in the department, please contact director Gary Swanson at (724) 946-7188 or

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