Patterson Hall Technology Training Rescheduled

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Faculty, staff, and students that have used a Smart Classroom on the Westminster campus before may not find much visibly different when they fire up the new technology in the recently renovated Patterson Hall, but don't be fooled...a lot has changed.

The renovated hall includes "smart" technology installations in nine classrooms, one seminar room, and one computer lab. That's six more installations than the building held previously, and all of the new technology has been updated to complete digital compliance:

  • The projection systems provide notiecably more crisp, colorful digital output in a wide-screen format.
  • Digital document cameras show documents and objects in high definition.
  • There are no VHS decks available in these Smart Classrooms.  As part of the digital transition required by the Analog Sunset, VHS tapes and players are no longer in production.  Consult this list for tips on transitioning from VHS, or contact AV with any further questions.
  • All installations have Blu-ray/DVD players, capable of displaying High Definition content.
  • Each lectern allows for users to connect their HDMI sources, as well as the traditional VGA connections.
  • A network jack and power outet are located on the top of the lectern for easy access.
  • Beyond laptops, users can also connect mobile phones and tablets, such as iPads, to the system (An adapter or converter may be required.)
  • The touch panels have additional, convenient controls and buttons, allowing for better control of volume and selecting scenes or options on disc media.

Here are some quick pointers to get started using these systems. Individuals planning to use these new installations are highly encouraged to take advantage of a special training session:

Monday, September 10th, at 11:30 AM in Patterson Hall 107.*

(*rescheduled from September 5th)

As always, you may also schedule one of our individual or group training sessions if unable to attend on this date.  (We ask for at least one week notice for these sessions.)

For more information, please contact AV Services at (724) 946-7188 or

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A renovated Patterson Hall introduces lots of new technology to the campus.