AV alum Altman joins Westminster Library full-time staff

Friday, August 17, 2012

Former Media Library Manager and member of the 2012 graduating class, Katelyn Altman, has been hired as Library Assistant in Technical Services in Westminster's McGill Library.

Altman will be fixing inventory errors, and helping oversee library work study students, among other tasks.

Read on for details from an interview with the new hire regarding the experience she gained at Westminster, particularly in the Audio Visual Services department.

What qualifications that the library was seeking were you confident that you possessed? 
I was confident that I knew the library software (OCLC & Workflows) quite well and could help out immediately.  I also had some experience managing students thanks to AV and Phi Mu that told me I could assist in overseeing the work study students.

What work-related qualities and skills did you obtain in AV that prepared you for this job?
While working in AV I was the Media Library manager.  Tara Hershey had taught me a lot about the AV library holdings and Erin Smith encouraged me to learn as much as possible about Workflows and to try to "break it." Those years between the stacks definitely helped me to earn the position.  When I later became the AV operations manager, I learned how to teach other staffers, interact with Westminster faculty and I became a better person because of it.  I learned so much in those 3 years in AV that helped me with my past job at The Business Journal and with my current job in the Library.  I can't thank Gary, Katie, Andy and the entire Westminster community enough!

What are your sentiments about working at your Alma Mater - more specifically at an office that you used to work with often?
I am incredibly excited to be working for my Alma Mater!  It's encouraging to already know so many names and faces, and the library is a great place to work. I am especially excited to be working with Erin Smith who taught me vast amounts while I was a student.  My only concern about working in the library is keeping quiet enough!

Any advice for seniors looking for a job? 
There will definitely be ups and downs, but don't give up looking for a job.  Be open and willing to all of your options. Your first job out of school doesn't necessarily have to be your career or even your dream job.  It's a starting point, so learn the basics, get some training, and do something beyond the many opportunities you had at Westminster.  Work to earn respect and trust, as it won't be handed to you, and then take that and use it to apply for what you are really seeking. That was my path, and I'm excited about where it has brought me.

An AV employee from January of 2009 to her graduation in 2011, Altman was a dedicated Broadcast Communications major and Communications minor. She served as a Titan Radio DJ, and as a member of the Titan Broadcast crew, overseeing graphics, instant replay, and directing for 3 years. She started as a general assistant in AV, working year round in the department and moved up to Media Library manager, before also taking over as the department's Operations Manager. She has been both President and Pan-Hel representative for her national sorority, interned with The Globe Leader and WFMJ TV, and was an instrumental aid in numerous college projects.

Written by Kelly Matune, AV Public Relations manager.

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Kate Altman was surprised to find a floral delivery from her boyfriend as she started her new position.