E-recycling Event Sets New Record!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Saturday, April 21 not only brought wind and rain, but also nearly 100 cars carrying over 13,000 pounds of electronics to the Hoyt Loading Dock to be recycled responsibly, as AV Services hosted its 6th biannual E-Recycling Drive. The total pounds collected established a new one-day record, and brings the grand total to over 45,000 pounds of electronics that have been recycled through these drives.

Much of the high influx of old TVs and computers was due to the recent Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act, which made select items free for consumers to recycle, by transferring costs to the manufacturers. Prior to this installment, small fees were attached to the recycling of these select items for the labor and transportation involved in processing them.

"We were overjoyed at the overflow of monitors and televisions that people made a trip to drop off, even in the inclement weather. Traffic was steady for almost 4 hours," said Kelly Matune, AV Services PR and Operations Manager. "Unfortunately, because only certain items were free to recycle, there were some people that would say they were going to throw the non-free items in their trash. We want to further educate the public and discourage this by providing a convenient and safe alternative, and we also hope the state might expand the Act to cover more devices in the future."

Providing location and labor for these drives is an effort by AV to make responsible disposal as convenient as possible for the community. It keeps items from landfills where various toxic substances can quickly breakdown and leak into food and drinking water. These substances have been documented to connect to various severe health problems and learning disabilities.

Effective as of January 1st of this year, the Covered Device Recycling Act (CDRA), under the Producer Responsibility Law (HB 708), made the following items free to recycle for consumers:

  • Laptop and desktop computers
  • Computer monitors
  • Computer printers
  • Computer mice
  • Any other device sold exclusively for external use with a computer that provides input or output into or from a computer
  • Televisions with a screen size more than 4 inches diagonally

Manufacturers of "covered materials", according to the act, must establish a recycling plan with a recycler certified by the R2 or E-Steward programs. These certification programs assure that materials entrusted to them are disposed of properly, not put in landfills or shipped overseas to third world countries.

Materials were responsibly recycled by We Recycle, a certified E-Steward recycler from Mount Vernon, NY, through affiliation with A GreenSpan, Inc., a computer recycler out of Pittsburgh, Pa. that also provided labor and transportation for the event. Westminster College provided the drop off location and Audio Visual Services provides volunteer labor for these drives. No money is retained by the College. All fees go to the recyclers.

AV staff members who volunteered time for the drive include Kelly Matune, Kyle Bruinooge, Nicole Jodikinos, Brad Steward, Katie Farley, Erin Sullivan, Jacob Brown, Andrew Borts, Katie Bittner, and Gary Swanson.

For more information on the PA act and what will be recycled free of charge, visit www.electronicrecyclers.com/legislation-pennsylvania.aspx or contact A GreenSpan at (866) 904-7726 or admin@agreenspan.org. For details on this or the next E-Recycling Drive, contact AV Services at (724) 946-7188, avstaff@westminster.edu, or visit the Green AV website.

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All sorts of used technology items were recycled.

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Traffic was steady throughout the drive.

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Nicole Jodikinos illustrates service with a smile!

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Jake Brown shuttles a TV for processing while other staffers help unload.

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A sea of used technology awaits further processing before being recycled.