What's in a name? A prize!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday April 25th left the Westminster College Campus buzzing with talk of Digital Signage. Displays could be seen on all three floors of McKelvey, the Witherspoon Rooms, presentation classrooms in three buildings, and even Orr Auditorium. This collaborative, yet still unnamed, effort of Audio Visual and Info Systems has sparked over 100 submissions of departmental and organization announcements, with more coming daily.

"The digital signage was the perfect addition to the day. I'm excited to have this new capability available to the entire campus and plan to make use of it often. Thank you for making it possible to showcase campus offerings in such a unique and effective way," said Doreen Matune, Drinko Center Secretary.

As this will be a tool that can benefit so many at Westminster, we'd like you to be a part of the naming process. By following this link, you can submit your ideas for this new, free, marketing tool. Note: Please mark the subject  as "Name". Winner will receive a fabulous variety prize package.  The winning name will be determined by a team of judges made up of both AV and Info Systems members. Submissions are due by Reading Day, Wednesday, May 9th at 7:00 pm.

For more information please contact AV Services at avstaff@westminster.edu or (724) 946-7188. Thank you and we look forward to your ideas!

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Displays were stationed in five buildings for the URAC celebration day.

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