Kristenne M. Robison

Associate Professor/Chair

Criminal Justice Faculty

Program Coordinator for:

  • Criminal Justice Studies
  • Sociology

(724) 946-6033

Campus Location:
   Old Main
Mailbox: 202

About Me

I am in my ninth year at Westminster College, currently serving in the role of Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies, as well as Program Coordinator for Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies. I have a B.A. in Psychology from Baldwin Wallace University (formerly Baldwin-Wallace College), a M.A. in Education from The Ohio State University and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from Syracuse University.

I am currently finishing up two research projects. The first, in collaboration with Dr. Shannon Smithey, is a longitudinal research project on recidivism for a medium-sized probation office. The second, in collaboration with Dr. Jamie Chapman, is a study of the educational and learning experiences of incarcerated women. I integrate experiential learning into my courses. Students in my Criminal Justice Studies courses go on ride-alongs with police officers, tutor at-risk youth, and take courses along side incarcerated individuals. I typically teach Juvenile Delinquency, Criminology, Corrections, The Police, Sociology of Sport, Sociology of Gender, Research Methods, and Capstone. I recently had the opportuntity to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has sparked my interests in Comparative Criminal Justice. 

Out of the classroom you will most likely find me running after my two children, Declan and Eamonn, traveling, or talking about prisons.

Select Publications:

Rhoads, J.C. & Robison, K.M.  2018.  "Q Methodology and Exploring Popular Culture in a Sociology Classroom". Sage Research Methods Cases -- Sociology

Pataki, Kathryn and Kristenne Robison. 2018. “The Concept of Choice”. Pp. unknown in SexTrafficking: Feminist & Transnational Perspectives, edited by L. Walker, G. Gaviria, & K. Gopal. New York: Springer International Publishing.

Pataki, Sherri, Kristenne Robison, and Tessa Altman. 2016. “Teaching Psychology of Women to Incarcerated Women.” Psychology of Women Quarterly 40(4): 582-586.

Robison, Kristenne M. 2016. “'Volunteers Welcome, that is, Some Volunteers': Experiences Teaching College Courses at a Women’s Prison". Pp. 277-299 in The Voluntary Sector in Prisons: Encouraging Institutional and Personal Change, edited by L.S. Abrams, M. Inderbitzin, R. Meek, and E. Hughes. New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

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