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Robert A. Knop

Associate Professor

Physics Faculty

(724) 946-7201

Campus Location:
   Hoyt Science Resources Center
Mailbox: 20

About Me

Rob Knop is an Associate Professor Physics.  He's taught at Westminster since September 2014.  The classes he teaches include introductory algebra-based Physics, Modern Physics, Electricty & Magnetism, and Computational Physics.

Rob received is BS in Physics from Harvey Mudd College in 1990, and his PhD in Physics from Caltech in 1997.  At Caltech, he worked in infrared astronomy, and his thesis work was on spectroscopy of active galactic nuclei.  From 1996 through 2001, he was a post-doc at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, CA, working with Saul Perlmutter.  While there, he was a core member of one of the two teams that discovered that the expansion of our Universe is accelerating.  Saul Perlmutter received the Nobel Prize in 2011 for this discovery.  Rob was a co-recepient of the Gruber Prize in Cosmology in 2007 for this discovery, and of the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics in 2014.

Rob's current research interests center around the relationship between galaxy interactions and activity in the galaxy, both star-formation and nuclear activity.  He is currently working on building a cluster of machines he will use to perform computational simulations of gravitational systems, including planetary systems, star clusters, and colliding galaxies, with a primary focus on the last system on this list.