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Carolyn K. Cuff

Professor/Program Coordinator

Mathematics Faculty

(724) 946-7291

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Campus Location:
   Hoyt Science Resources Center
Mailbox: 13

About Me

I have been with Westminster since 1989.  My teaching usually includes courses in Statistics, Data Science, Discrete Mathematics, and Operations Research.  I am active in the Mathematics Association of America currently serving on the joint committee on mathematics and statistics.  I also serve as an associate editor for CAUSE, the Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education and work on the resources for that web page.  My recent work has been in the field of data science.  My students learn R, data visualization techniques, data wrangling, and web scraping.  

Typically I work with students on undergraduate projects in applied mathematics and statistics.  Recently, these projects have been in the area of data science using data sets of over 20,000 cases.  My students, under my mentoring and guidance, have worked in the area of chemometrics (the statistical analysis of analytical chemistry data) and created visualizations of Veteran data for the local United Way. In the last several years, I have worked with students on various mathematical projects including particle flow through a constrained pipe, determining the critical variables that affect a basketball free throw, mathematical models for the evolution of the ABO blood types, applied game theory to the peer review process of class projects, and a statistical study of the heights of soldiers in the Civil War as a proxy to determine their nutrition status.  Most of these students' work has been presented at national conferences.  The students have gone on to various fields.  Some went to graduate school in Biostatistics, Operations Management, and Physics.  Some are high school mathematics teachers.  Others went to work for consulting companies after graduation.