Westminster College: leading liberal arts college, New Wilmington, PA http://www.westminster.edu/ en-us Copyright 2014 Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA Thu, 21 Aug 2014 13:09:32 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/news/rss/ Westminster College: leading liberal arts college, New Wilmington, PA http://www.westminster.edu/news/images/logo_blue.gif http://www.westminster.edu/ Parks Service bans drones over Appalachian Trail http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2010 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-1673722067228931020.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PITTSBURGH (AP) - The National Park Service has banned drones from flying over the Appalachian Trail.The Park Service said Wednesday the interim rule prohibits launching, landing or operating unmanned aircraft from or on Appalachian National Scenic Trail lands.The ban takes effect immediately and lasts until the Park Service can develop an appropriate policy. The Park Service says drones could affect resources and visitors in ways it has yet to analyze so more study is needed.The Appalachian Trail goes through parts of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia.In June the Park Service directed all parks to take steps to prohibit the use of the increasingly popular aircraft, which are often used to take photos and videos.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Wed, 20 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2010 Geneva College to cut spending http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2009 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg4586696051124038993.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> BEAVER FALLS, Pa. (AP) - Geneva College in western Pennsylvania is laying off 14 employees and cutting spending by 5 percent.The school said Wednesday the cutbacks are part of an ongoing effort to keep education affordable.President Ken Smith says the Christian college is making the moves with 'deep regret.'The job cuts include three faculty members who will leave at the end of the 2014-15 school year, and other staff who will leave at varying times.Geneva says it is phasing out graduate programs in special education and reading, programs in cardiovascular sciences, and undergraduate majors in music performance and biblical languages. All students enrolled in those programs will be able to complete their degrees.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press Wed, 20 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2009 Corbett: I kept no-new tax pledge the 'best I can' http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2008 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg5407668370446343435.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett says he believes he fulfilled the spirit of his 2010 campaign pledge not to raise taxes or fees, but he won't renew that sweeping vow in his current bid for a second term.The Republican told a panel of Associated Press editors and reporters on Wednesday that he's living up to the pledge the best he can.In his first term, Corbett has signed legislation raising taxes on motor fuels and scores of fees.Still, he says, he thinks taxpayers will decide that he kept his pledge because he didn't raise income or sales taxes and didn't authorize new taxes.Corbett is being challenged by Democrat Tom Wolf. The election is Nov. 4.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Wed, 20 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2008 Body of missing kayaker found in Crawford County http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2007 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-9195473376621945337.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> SPARTANSBURG, Pa. (AP) - Search teams have found the body of a northwestern Pennsylvania kayaker who was missing.State police identified the man as 51-year-old Thomas W. Erickson of Titusville. His body was found early Tuesday afternoon in Clear Lake.Authorities say Erickson was fishing from the kayak and wasn't wearing a life preserver. He was reported missing Monday evening.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2007 NCPD unsure if burglary suspect ended up in river http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2006 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg6275531304922354780.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> NEW CASTLE, Pa. (AP) - Police say they've arrested one suspect in the burglary of New Castle area jewelry and precious metals store, but are unsure whether the other drowned or somehow escaped after diving into a river.Police say they were chasing two suspects about 3:30 a.m. after a break-in at Greek's House of Gold in New Castle.Police say one of the men wound up in the Shenango River, but police couldn't find him.They were planning to resume their search later Tuesday, but it wasn't immediately clear if the second suspect had been found.Police have yet to release the first suspect's name.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2006 Missing kayaker sought on Crawford Co. lake http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2005 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg888895535259333425.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> SPARTANSBURG, Pa. (AP) - Emergency crews have been searching for a missing kayaker on a Crawford County lake.Crews were called to Clear Lake near Spartansburg shortly 7 p.m. Monday.Fire companies and a water rescue team were searching along with the county scuba team.There was no further information about the missing person.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2005 Corbett camp yanks Texas gov's video endorsement http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2004 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg8248547061023155861.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Republican Gov. Tom Corbett's re-election campaign is seeking to distance itself from Rick Perry's legal troubles.Campaign manager Mike Barley said Monday that the campaign removed a video endorsement by the Texas governor of Corbett from its website shortly after a grand jury indicted Perry on Friday on two felony counts of abuse of power.Barley says the Corbett campaign pulled the video because it did not want the indictment to distract from the campaign.The charges involve Perry's veto of funding for his state's public integrity unit. Perry says the charges are examples of government overreach in what amounts to a political dispute.The video endorsement was shot at a May rally in southwestern Pennsylvania celebrating the natural gas industry. Corbett was joined by Perry, who praised Corbett's leadership and fiscal responsibility.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Mon, 18 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2004 Environmentalist group says health registry needed http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2003 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-366892850884051456.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - An environmentalist group says the Corbett administration is moving in the right direction in handling health complaints involving natural-gas drilling, but that more needs to be done.John Norbeck of PennFuture said the changes announced Monday will improve the department's internal processes. But he says a statewide registry is needed to track environmental health threats and identify trends early on.Health Secretary Michael Wolf says his department has implemented a written-letter response policy to better document correspondence between the department and people who file complaints.Other changes include providing information to doctors about how to file environmental health complaints and making the department's website easier to use.Spokeswoman Holli Senior says the department supports the concept of a registry and is exploring options that include a public-private partnership.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Mon, 18 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2003 Gas-drilling health complaint process enhanced http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2002 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg7444751965786977831.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - The Corbett administration says it has enhanced the Pennsylvania Health Department's handling of complaints involving natural-gas drilling.Health Secretary Michael Wolf said Monday changes recommended by an internal working group include providing information to doctors about how to file environmental health complaints and improving the availability of health information on the department's website.Wolf says the department also has instituted a written-letter response policy in an effort to document correspondence between the department and people who file complaints.The lack of a reliable system for tracking complaints was among concerns highlighted in an audit of the state Department of Environmental Protection released last month.The review by Auditor General Eugene DePasquale also says environmental regulators failed to adequately monitor well safety over a four-year period ending in 2012.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Mon, 18 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2002 Huge utility line upgrade faces opposition http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2001 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-6794722015838862067.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PITTSBURGH (AP) - One of the biggest new electric transmission line proposals in decades is turning into a debate over fracking, renewable energy and the future of an aging energy grid.The $4 billion to $6 billion PPL Corp. project is designed to take electricity generated near Pennsylvania's booming shale gas region and deliver it to New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. That's prompting questions from environmental groups.Jeff Tittel of the New Jersey chapter of the Sierra Club says the money would be better spent on renewable energy and efficiency projects. He says the group opposes having the line in its state.Allentown-based PPL says the 725-mile project would increase reliability and save customers money. The company hopes to know more from regulators by the end of the year.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Mon, 18 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2001 Premier FBI cybersquad in Pittsburgh to add agents http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2000 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-8692031351525111447.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PITTSBURGH (AP) - The FBI's premier cybersquad in Pittsburgh has taken on some of the biggest cyberthreats in the world. Because of its success, the office is getting more agents and cases.Former federal prosecutor Bruce Antkowiak says the cybersquad's unprecedented growth mean it will likely become involved in cases that could redefine the legal concepts of privacy.Special-Agent-in-Charge Scott Smith says the squad has developed 'a model approach to investigating and preventing cybercrime' by partnering with prosecutors, private tech business and academics.Such networking resulted in Scottish cyberterrorist Adam Stuart Busby being indicted on charges of emailing bomb threats to the University of Pittsburgh in 2012.FBI Director James Comey acknowledges that tracking emails makes questions of civil liberties increasingly important but says those issues are as old as the agency.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Mon, 18 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=2000 Sophie Masloff, 1st female Pittsburgh mayor, dies http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1999 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-4735539488226310427.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PITTSBURGH (AP) - Pittsburgh's first female mayor has died. Sophie Masloff was 96.Masloff's longtime friend and former top aide Joseph Mistick, says she died Sunday morning at an area nursing home.Masloff took office in May 1988 after the death of Richard S. Caliguiri. She served until January 1994.She was known for her sense of humor.When Bill Clinton was trying to stir up support in his 1992 presidential campaign, he telephoned Masloff to let her know he was coming to Pittsburgh. Not convinced the caller was Clinton, she replied: 'Right, and I'm the Queen of Sheba.'Her tenure was marked by reductions in the city wage tax to keep residents from fleeing to the suburbs and by a complete overhaul of a controversial disciplinary system for police officers.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Mon, 18 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1999 Western Pa. area utility workers approve contract http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1998 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg5758493197183400637.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PITTSBURGH (AP) - Utility workers in western Pennsylvania have approved a new contract.The Utility Workers Union of America Local 537 says in a Saturday release that the vote ends a two-month strike by about 150 union workers at four sites in the Pittsburgh area.The union had been protesting the labor practices of Pennsylvania-American Water and its New Jersey-based parent company, American Water. Local 537 says workers went without wage increases for four years in order to win a contract. The new contract provides significant 'catch-up' wage increases.Pennsylvania-American Water and Local 537 say they're both pleased the contract is resolved, and they look forward to working together.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Sat, 16 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1998 No injuries in Mercer County gas well fire, explosion http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1997 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg1953939240929599687.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> MERCER, Pa. (AP) - Emergency crews say a road was closed but there were no injuries after a Mercer County natural gas well caught fire and exploded.More than a dozen fire departments responded to the blaze in rural Jefferson Township at about 8 p.m. Friday.Area residents say black smoke from the fire could be seen from miles away, but no homes were evacuated. The state Department of Environmental Protection closed a local road to all nonemergency vehicles.The well site is reportedly owned by Hilcorp Energy Corp. Hilcorp could not immediately be reached for comment.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Sat, 16 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1997 More mosquito samples test positive for West Nile Virus in Lawrence County http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1996 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-9101850424874252559.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> NEW CASTLE, Pa.-- Pennsylvania's departments of Health and Environmental Protection report two more mosquito samples from Lawrence County tested positive for West Nile Virus this week- one from Pulaski and the other from Neshannock Township.The recent positive samples bring the total for Lawrence County up to four the the year, another from Pulaski and the fourth from North Beaver Township.DEP and Health Department officials stress the need to use insect repellent and to reduce your exposure to mosquito bites. 'As always, we encourage Pennsylvanians to take caution and reduce their risk for mosquito bites,' DEP Secretary E. Christopher Abruzzo said. 'Using a personal insect repellant or staying indoors during dawn and dusk will help prevent exposure to mosquitoes.'Samples from all counties are taken and analyzed by the DEP daily to track and identify risks for the illness and posts the information online (<a href='http://www.westnile.state.pa.us/'>click here</a>).In 2000, West Nile virus appeared for the first time in Pennsylvania in birds, mosquitoes and a horse. To combat the spread of West Nile virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes, Pennsylvania has developed a comprehensive network. This network, which covers 40 counties, includes trapping mosquitoes, collecting dead birds and monitoring horses, people and some chickens. Fri, 15 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1996 Lyft gets temporary OK to operate in Pittsburgh http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1995 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-229862955985101397.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PITTSBURGH (AP) - Ride-sharing company Lyft has satisfied insurance and other requirements to begin operating temporarily in the Pittsburgh-area.The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission last month gave conditional approval for Lyft and its competitor, Uber, to obtain temporary licenses to operate in the Pittsburgh area until their applications for permanent 'experimental' licenses can be heard. The services need 'experimental' approval because they operate differently than taxis and other transportation covered by PUC regulations.The ride-sharing companies use smartphone apps to dispatch drivers who use their own personal vehicles to give people rides. The drivers then share the fares they collect with the companies.On Thursday, the PUC said Lyft has complied with the conditions, including insurance coverage, and can operate. Uber is still trying to satisfy the conditions and cannot.Both companies still face permanent licensing hearings later this month.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Fri, 15 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1995 Corbett commits $7M to Pittsburgh trade center http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1994 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg4210583462675946983.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> IMPERIAL, Pa. (AP) - Gov. Tom Corbett has announced $7 million in state funds to begin redeveloping an area dotted with former coal mines and a waste dump into an international trade center near Pittsburgh International Airport.The project would be built on 195-acres near the airport, though site preparation alone is expected to take three years.Eventually, the site would house office space, corporate jet hangars, a hotel and conference center, and research and development space.The federal government has already designated the land a Foreign Trade Zone.Although no private funds have been pledged, Republican and Democrat state lawmakers and county officials hope to attract $200 million in investments to the site.Officials say several companies have already expressed interest in locating at the site.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Fri, 15 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1994 Range Resources to close leaking frackwater pond http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1993 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg3546658114741809542.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> MARIANNA, Pa. (AP) - Range Resources will start closing a fracking wastewater impoundment in southwestern Pennsylvania next week, and the drilling firm and nearby residents will take soil samples to determine if any drilling byproducts have contaminated the soil under the pond's liner.The soil samples will be taken by Range employees and residents who have sued the company to disclose what kind of chemicals and other substances are in the drilling wastewater.Range Resources spokesman Matt Pitzarella insists any fluids that leaked from the Yeager impoundment in Amwell Township, Washington County, have not affected the groundwater of nearby homes.The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection last week approved a plan for Range to close the impoundment. The company must check the liner for rips in addition to the soil testing.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press Fri, 15 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1993 Pa. jobless rate edges higher to 5.7 percent http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1992 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-4480985506322900617.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Pennsylvania's jobless rate is up slightly but remains better than the national figure.The state Department of Labor and Industry said Friday the seasonally adjusted rate last month was 5.7 percent, up one tenth of a percentage point from June. The U.S. rate is currently 6.2 percent.The civilian labor force fell by 32,000, and unemployment rose by 4,000, the first increase in nearly two years.The agency says private industry lost 3,400 jobs but hiring in the public sector rose for the sixth straight month.The biggest job gains are in construction.One year ago, the statewide unemployment rate was 7.5 percent.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Fri, 15 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1992 Pennsylvania police: You've got the wrong Ferguson http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1991 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg4895662236282168524.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PINE GROVE MILLS, Pa. (AP) - A small Pennsylvania police force is being confused with another by the same name that's involved in violent clashes with protesters in Missouri.The Ferguson Township department in Centre County, Pennsylvania, uses the Twitter handle @FergusonTwpPD.The account has been the target of angry tweets from people upset with officers in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri.The Missouri force has been blasted for its handling of demonstrators protesting the fatal police shooting of teenager Michael Brown Jr.Ferguson, Pennsylvania, Chief Diane Conrad tells reporters there's not much she can do about the mistaken identity.Her department has tweeted once to clarify the issue: 'Ferguson Township Police is in PA and not the agency involved in the shooting incident. @stlcountypd is who you want to contact.'Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Thu, 14 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1991 No citations in fatal western Pennsylvania gas well fire http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1990 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-7711433954128167277.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PITTSBURGH (AP) - Federal authorities have decided against issuing citations in a natural gas well fire in southwestern Pennsylvania that killed one worker earlier this year.The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration said no exact cause was determined for the Feb. 11 fire at the Chevron well in Greene County's Dunkard Township. No citations for violation of federal safety standards will be issued.Twenty-seven-year-old worker Ian McKee was killed.The state Department of Environmental Protection said in a report last week that the fire 'may have been caused by human error' when a lock screw was ejected, allowing high-pressure methane gas to escape.The state report said sufficient oversight was not always provided and a contract worker with no oil field experience worked on the well contrary to company policy.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Thu, 14 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1990 STRANGE BUT TRUE: Snake OK after removal of ceramic egg in western Pa. http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1989 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg6888630130791560246.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> VERONA, Pa. (AP) - Officials say a snake that swallowed a ceramic egg in a western Pennsylvania chicken coop is recovering following surgery.Veterinarian Robert Wagner removed the egg from the 5-foot black rat snake on Tuesday.Wagner, chief of surgical veterinary services at the University of Pittsburgh, said the egg was 'overwhelmingly large considering the size of the snake.'Jill Argall, director of the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center in Verona, said the snake was 'resting comfortably.'The snake was brought to the center Monday after swallowing the ceramic egg, which was used in the Seward chicken coop to coax chickens to nest.Officials said the reptile will be released back into the wild after a regimen of antibiotics.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Thu, 14 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1989 Corbett: End 'bigoted' TV series 'Amish Mafia' http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1988 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg7643724442070445227.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Gov. Tom Corbett and other Pennsylvania politicians have signed a statement calling on the Discovery Channel to drop 'Amish Mafia.'The statement says 'Amish Mafia' is a 'bigoted portrayal' of the religious sect and misrepresents the Amish in Lancaster County as a 'crime-ridden culture.'The statement was signed by 18 elected officials, including congressmen, state senators, state representatives and Lancaster's mayor. Pennsylvania's two U.S. senators signed a similar statement denouncing the show.The campaign against 'Amish Mafia' is being organized by a Lancaster-based group called Respect Amish.The show purports to follow a group of Amish men who enforce law and order within the community. Questions have persisted about its veracity.Discovery spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg declined comment on the letter. She has said the characters on the show are, in fact, real-life Amish.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Wed, 13 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1988 Corbett adviser whose schedule drew scrutiny quits http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1987 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-7850718977854592827.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - A top education adviser to Gov. Tom Corbett who previously served as education secretary is leaving after questions were raised about his duties and work schedule.The Education Department said Tuesday that Ron Tomalis' last day as Corbett's special adviser on higher education will be Aug. 26.Tomalis' resignation letter to the acting education secretary, Carolyn Dumaresq, says he's exploring new opportunities and that his departure was in the administration's best interests.The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported late last month that it found little evidence of the work he was performing in the $140,000-a-year job.The paper said his work calendar had weeks of little or no activity, phone logs that averaged barely a call a day and only five outgoing emails.Tomalis' resignation letter didn't directly reference those issues.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Wed, 13 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1987 Sharon Stone speaking at Pennsylvania civic event http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1986 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-5010122574619943085.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> MEADVILLE, Pa. (AP) - Actress Sharon Stone is scheduled to speak at a civic awards dinner in the northwestern Pennsylvania county where she grew up.Stone is the featured speaker at the Greater Meadville Area Day/Winslow Award Dinner at the Country Club of Meadville on Thursday.The invitation-only dinner is sponsored by groups which promote economic growth in Crawford County, where Stone was raised.The 56-year-old actress was born in Meadville, the county seat, and graduated from nearby Saegertown High School before she was named Miss Crawford County.Stone quit school at nearby Edinboro University to become a fashion model, and later turned to acting.Stone won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Academy Award as the booze- and drug-addled wife of a Las Vegas power broker in 'Casino.'Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Wed, 13 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1986 Corbett, Wolf agree on 3 gubernatorial debates http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1985 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg3605799865344683013.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Pennsylvania's gubernatorial candidates don't see eye to eye on most campaign issues, but they have agreed on where and when they will hold their debates.The campaigns of Republican Gov. Tom Corbett and Democratic nominee Tom Wolf said Wednesday they'll hold three debates between late September and early October. They will be held in the Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh media markets.The first debate will be at the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce dinner in Hershey on the evening of Sept. 22.The next debate will be held at the Philadelphia studios of KYW-TV on Oct. 1.A week later, on the evening of Oct. 8, the final debate is slated to be held at WTAE-TV in Wilkinsburg, near Pittsburgh.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Wed, 13 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1985 Liquor board urged to raise Pa. wine and liquor prices http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1984 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg2826302838105253411.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's finance director is advocating the agency's markup on liquor and wine be increased for the first time in two decades.In an internal memo obtained by The Associated Press, August Hehemann  says the agency's net income is expected to shrink in the fiscal year that started July 1, to $96 million from $121 million in the previous year.Hehemann proposes that the markup be raised from 30 percent to 35 percent to offset double-digit increases in expenses such as pensions, health care and computer upgrades.Chairman Joseph 'Skip' says the three-member board has privately discussed Hehemann's analysis, but that there's no proposal before the board to increase the markup. He says he regards any such action as a last resort.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Tue, 12 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1984 Pennsylvania's first probable human case of West Nile Virus of the year http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1983 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-7823465996696642410.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> HARRISBURG, Pa.- Pennsylvania's departments of Health and Environmental Protection say the state's first human West Nile Virus infection in 2014 has been detected. A Philadelphia County man was hospitalized due to WNV. He has since recovered.State officials strongly recommend that all residents minimize their exposure to mosquitoes.Although mosquitoes can bite at any time of day or night, they are most active at dawn and dusk. When outdoors, people can avoid mosquito bites by properly and consistently using DEET-containing insect repellants and covering exposed skin with lightweight clothing. To keep mosquitoes from entering a home, make sure window and door screens are in place and are in good condition.Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) conducts regular surveillance and control to manage mosquito populations around the state. So far, DEP has detected WNV-infected mosquitoes in 32 counties. However, it is likely that WNV is present in other areas as well.'As always, we encourage Pennsylvanians to take caution and reduce their risk for mosquito bites,' DEP Secretary E. Christopher Abruzzo said. 'Using a personal insect repellant or staying indoors during dawn and dusk will help prevent exposure to mosquitoes.'Two positive mosquito samples for West Nile Virus have show up in Lawrence County this summer.  One was from North Beaver Township and the other from Pulaski.Samples from all counties are taken and analyzed by the DEP daily to track and identify risks for the illness and posts the information online (<a href='http://www.westnile.state.pa.us/'><strong>click here</strong></a>).In 2000, West Nile virus appeared for the first time in Pennsylvania in birds, mosquitoes and a horse. To combat the spread of West Nile virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes, Pennsylvania has developed a comprehensive network. This network, which covers 40 counties, includes trapping mosquitoes, collecting dead birds and monitoring horses, people and some chickens. Mon, 11 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1983 Mercer Co. man jailed in boy's attack huffed paint thinner http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1982 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg4180306634742232798.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> SHARPSBURG, Pa. (AP) - Police say a 57-year-old Mercer County man told them he was getting high huffing paint thinner before he inexplicably ran out of his house and accosted a 7-year-old boy, pinning him against a telephone pole.Online court records don't list an attorney for Ricky Lee Hura, who has been incarcerated since his arrest Friday in Sharpsburg.Police say a postal carrier witnessed the attack on the boy and intervene, along with other bystanders.Hura remained jailed Monday and faces a preliminary hearing Aug. 20 on charges including unlawful restraint, simple assault, and reckless endangerment. He's also charged with illegal use of solvents and public drunkenness for being under the influence at the time.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Mon, 11 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1982 Scout leader feared drowned left camp on his own http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1981 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-8006044584126617880.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> NEW CASTLE, Pa. (AP) - State police say a Boy Scout leader who went missing from a western Pennsylvania campground and was feared drowned had simply left due to a personal emergency without telling anyone.Police and Boy Scout officials aren't identifying the counselor wo left Camp Agawam near New Castle on Sunday.The 24-year-old counselor wasn't seen after 3 a.m. Sunday and his whereabouts weren't clear until officials traced his cellphone to North Versailles, a Pittsburgh suburb about 50 miles away.Authorities say the counselor didn't let anyone know when or why he left the camp, which violated the scouting group's protocols.Officials briefly searched a small lake at the camp about 45 miles northwest of Pittsburgh before learning the counselor was OK.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Mon, 11 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1981 More warrants used after township treasurer fired http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1980 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-8285510150085607978.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> NEW CASTLE, Pa. (AP) - The Lawrence County District Attorney's office has obtained several search warrants for the computers, home office and financial records relating to Shenango Township's fired treasurer.Township supervisors fired Brian Tanner from his position as secretary/treasurer last month.  Tanner hasn't been charged with a crime.  Tanner was fired after an audit determined he wrote more than 200 checks worth more than $453,000 to himself and a township auditor from 2011 to 2013.The district attorney's office has been investigating and using search warrants to track down records.  Some of the search warrants seek records from township credit cards and bank accounts in Tanner's name. Another warrant seeks to search a computer and memory items seized from Tanner's home last month.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press.<br />  Mon, 11 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1980 Pittsburgh airport to ban Salvation Army http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1979 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-8749619310421137851.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PITTSBURGH (AP) - A longtime Salvation Army collector is struggling to adjust to an upcoming ban on such work at Pittsburgh's International Airport.The Allegheny County Airport Authority says all solicitations in the terminal will stop after Sept. 1, including the iconic Salvation Army red kettle.The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that 72-year-old Marilyn Darnley had tears in her eyes Friday as she told frequent donors about the change. Darnley has collected money at the airport for 16 years and is the only year-round kettle collector in the region.Airport Authority spokeswoman JoAnn Jenny says some customers were uncomfortable with solicitations, and that other airports have similar bans.Salvation Army Maj. Paul Moore says he's 'kind of shocked' by the change. The charity likely can't afford to employ Darnley without airport donations.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Sun, 10 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1979 81-year-old western Pa. woman gets race car ride for birthday http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1978 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-1644752161939910514.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> JENNERSTOWN, Pa. (AP) - An 81-year-old Pennsylvania woman celebrated her birthday by taking a ride in a speedway race car.Betty Evans felt zooming across the Jennerstown Speedway track was the perfect way to celebrate her milestone year. The speedway is about 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.Family and friends brought her to Jennerstown Saturday to take a 100-mph ride in a mid-1990s Chevrolet Monte Carlo race car. Evans crawled in through the car's passenger-side window instead of opening the door to make the experience as genuine as possible.Evans says the trip was 'great' and now she wants to drive the car.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Sun, 10 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1978 European firm signs Shale ethane gas export deal http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1977 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-7403718001503235564.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A European firm has signed a deal to buy a type of Marcellus Shale natural gas liquid from Antero Resources Corp.The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Austrian petrochemical company Borealis has signed a 10-year contract to buy ethane coming from the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations in Pennsylvania and Ohio.The liquid, a raw material in plastics production, would be piped to the Sunoco Logistics Partners terminal in Marcus Hook and loaded onto ships. Antero is based in Denver, Colorado.The new agreement would start in 2016, when Sunoco expects its second Mariner East pipeline will begin service. The first Mariner East project is scheduled to begin transporting gas liquids this year.Gov. Tom Corbett's administration and gas-industry leaders support the pipelines, but some nearby residents oppose them.<br /> <br />Copyright 2014 The Associated Press.<br />  Sat, 09 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1977 New Castle woman stole $700K from car dealership http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1976 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg232983194095478433.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PITTSBURGH (AP) - The former office manager at a Pittsburgh-area car dealership has pleaded guilty to federal fraud and false tax return charges stemming from her theft of $700,000 from the business.Sixty-one-year-old Deborah Cassini, of New Castle, pleaded guilty Thursday and will return for sentencing before a federal judge in Pittsburgh on Nov. 20.Investigators say Cassini accessed the bank accounts of South Hills Volkswagen online to make more than 160 payments on her credit card accounts as well as six car payments. She also gave herself 98 additional unauthorized paychecks and otherwise skimmed cash from the business and cashed business checks for her own benefit.The thefts occurred from 2006 to 2011 and were hidden by Cassini who made fake accounting entries and issued bogus financial statements for the business.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Fri, 08 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1976 Pollution rules questioned in Pittsburgh Triathlon http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1975 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg5270265512974646107.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PITTSBURGH (AP) - A newspaper is questioning whether organizers of the Pittsburgh Triathlon followed their own rules when they allowed the event to include swimming after rains carried raw sewage into a city river before Sunday's event.The Trib-Review reports the triathlon's website says the swimming portion of the event is to be canceled if pollution exceeds certain levels in the week before the event and if rain causes an overflow within 24 hours of the event.The newspaper says pollution levels in the Allegheny River were more than three times the safe level in the week before the race, and that sewers overflowed into the river about nine hours before the race.Organizers say they decided to hold the race after studying bacteria in the river all summer and seeing it decrease to a level they considered safe.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Fri, 08 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1975 Bankruptcy mulled to stop Pa. amusement park sale http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1974 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-579510943285445407.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> MEADVILLE, Pa. (AP) - County officials have authorized a sheriff's sale of a historic 122-year-old amusement park in northwestern Pennsylvania, but park trustees may file for bankruptcy to hold off the sale.Commissioners in Crawford County voted Thursday to authorize the sale of Conneaut Lake Park.But Mark Turner, executive director of the Economic Progress Alliance of Crawford County, says park trustees will consider filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to stop the sale and freeze assets. He said the redevelopment agency could then proceed with plans to revitalize and expand the park.Officials say the park owes more than $910,000 in back taxes. State officials say insurance was inadequate when fires burned the park's Dreamland Ballroom in 2008 and its Beach Club a year ago.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Fri, 08 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1974 Chamber dinner may include 1st Corbett-Wolf debate http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1973 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-6129499322390815099.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - A Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry dinner in Hershey next month is shaping up as the likely venue for the first debate between Gov. Tom Corbett and Tom Wolf.On its website, the chamber is touting the Sept. 22 dinner and debate, as well as a keynote speech by retired NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw.The group's president and CEO, Gene Barr, said Friday he's 'pretty confident' that Republican Corbett and Democrat Wolf will square off before an expected crowd of about 1,600 business leaders and lawmakers.The annual dinner has become the traditional kickoff for Pennsylvania's gubernatorial debates every four years.The campaigns are negotiating over the general-election debate schedule and declined to confirm any details. But neither side suggested its candidate would not attend the Hershey dinner.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Fri, 08 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1973 Steeler player swamped by mail since autograph vow http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1972 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-4714262948828576062.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> LATROBE, Pa. (AP) - The post office at the small college where the Pittsburgh Steelers hold training camp has been swamped with mail since wide receiver Antonio Brown made a vow on Facebook to autograph anything fans send him.Brown posted the message on July 28 saying, 'If I don't get a chance to sign something for you at camp just send info to me.' He listed his dormitory room at St. Vincent College, the private, Catholic school where the Steelers have held training camp for more than 40 years.Now, Brown's room is full of mail. And Maria Schifano, assistant manager of the post office, says it's still pouring in.Schifano tells The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, which first reported the player's posting, that Brown received more than 100 packages on one day.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Fri, 08 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1972 Pa. shop: No wedding gowns for lesbian couple http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1971 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg8799688518503419237.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> BLOOMSBURG, Pa. (AP) - A bridal store's refusal to sell wedding gowns to a same-sex couple is stirring debate in one Pennsylvania town.The women tried to schedule an appointment but were turned down.W.W. Bridal Boutique owner Victoria Miller tells the newspaper that 'providing those two girls dresses for a sanctified marriage would break God's law.'Bloomsburg Town Council plans to discuss the incident at a meeting on Monday. Council members say they will consider whether to propose legislation to ban businesses from refusing to serve gays and lesbians.Miller's attorney, Al Luschas, says the shop owner has a 'liberty interest' in refusing to take part in a process that would violate 'firmly and honestly held religious beliefs.'Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Fri, 08 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1971 Mom, grandparents of starved Mercer County boy held for trial; district judge revokes bond http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1970 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg8121767270497489401.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> MERCER, Pa. (AP) - The mother and maternal grandparents of an 8-year-old Pennsylvania boy who police say nearly starved to death have been ordered to stand trial on charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.District Judge Brian Arthur was so upset by pictures and reports that the boy was 25 pounds in June that he revoked the defendants' bond and ordered them jailed unless they each post $100,000.Attorneys for the boy's mother, 28-year-old Mary C. Rader, and grandparents, 59-year-old Dennis Beighley and 48-year-old Deana Beighly, suggested the boy had a problem with growth hormones. But county caseworkers and doctors indicated it appeared he was purposely kept from eating and nearly starved.The boy, then 7, was removed from his Greenville home in June when a neighbor noticed his 'skeletal' appearance.Copyright 2014 The Associated Press.<br />  Thu, 07 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1970 #pac60: Celebrating PAC football http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1969 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-2630678815645043334.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> GREENVILLE, Pa. (pacathletics.org) - The Presidents' Athletic Conference (PAC), formally organized in 1955 by charter members Case Institute of Technology, Western Reserve University, John Carroll University, and Wayne State University, is celebrating its 60 anniversary throughout the 2014-15 academic year. The PAC will be recognizing 60 of its outstanding student-athletes that have competed as members of both present, and past, league-affiliated institutions in 19 championship sports with the creation of 60th anniversary celebratory teams.<br /><br />The PAC's 60th anniversary football team was announced at PAC Football Media Day on August 6.<br /><br />Sixteen of the PAC's past and present members are participating in the yearlong celebration project. All 10 of the PAC's current members were automatically included, while past league members must have had at least a 10-year affiliation with the conference to participate.<br /><br />Both past and present PAC members receive 'automatic' selections on the 60th anniversary teams based on the institution's membership time. Each school also has the opportunity to nominate a maximum of six (6) additional 'at-large' student-athletes, per sport, for consideration.<br /><br />Sport-specific advisory committees, made up of 5-6 past and present PAC coaches and administrators, will determine additional 'at-large' student-athletes to be recognized in order to reach 60 student-athletes on each celebratory team.<br /><br />The anniversary team, which features 15 schools, has 49 'automatic' selections and 11 'at-large' selections. Over 60 'at-large' nominations were put forward for advisory committee consideration.<br />  Thu, 07 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1969 Hearing set for mom, grandparents of starved Mercer Co. boy http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1968 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg7515180200812200032.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> MERCER, Pa. (AP) - A preliminary hearing was scheduled for the mother and maternal grandparents of a 7-year-old western Pennsylvania boy who was found abused and nearly starved to death by child welfare workers in western Pennsylvania last month.The boy's mother, 28-year-old Mary C. Rader, and the grandparents who lived with them, 58-year-old Dennis Beighley and his 47-year-old wife, Deana, faces charges including aggravated assault, endangering a child's welfare and conspiracy.Mercer County detectives believe the boy's grandmother didn't like him and led the efforts to abuse him. Her attorney has refused to comment on the case.<br />Investigators say the boy appeared skeletal and wasn't allowed outside, except on a back porch where he sometimes ate bugs he caught.Thursday's hearing will determine whether there's enough evidence for the defendants to stand trial.<br /> <br />Copyright 2014 The Associated Press.<br />  Thu, 07 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1968 Western Pennsylvania high school player dies after workout http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1967 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg8010479093771060852.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> LOWER BURRELL, Pa. (AP) - A western Pennsylvania high school football player collapsed during the year's first practice - a workout designed to acclimate players to hot weather - and died a short time later at a hospital.An autopsy was planned Thursday the body of 16-year-old Noah Cornuet, a sophomore at Burrell High School in Lower Burrell, about 25 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.The boy has reportedly just finished sprinting and collapsed as he was walking off the field about 6 p.m. Wednesday. Paramedics who attended practice immediately attended to the boy who died at Alle-Kiski Medical Center about an hour later.The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association last year began requiring schools to hold three days of practice to get players used to the heat before they're allowed to have contact drills. The high temperature Wednesday was about 80 degrees.<br /> <br />Copyright 2014 The Associated Press.<br />  Thu, 07 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1967 Thomas More lands top spot on PAC Preseason Football Poll; Titans land near bottom http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1966 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-1631030970426835940.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> LATROBE, Pa. (pacathletics.org) - For the fifth time since joining the Presidents' Athletic Conference (PAC) the Thomas More College football program has been tabbed as the league favorite, according to the 2014 PAC Preseason Football Poll, as voted on by the conference's head coaches, sports information directors, and media panel.<br /><br />The preseason poll was announced this afternoon at PAC Football Media Day, hosted by Saint Vincent College at the Sis and Herman Dupré Science Pavilion in Latrobe, Pa.<br /><br />Thomas More garnered 29 first-place votes and a total of 367 points to headline this year's preseason poll. Washington & Jefferson College was second with two first-place votes and 330 points, followed by Waynesburg University in third place with one first-place vote and 293 points. <br /><br />Case Western Reserve University was picked to finish fourth with one first-place vote and 246 points, followed by Bethany College in fifth with one first-place vote and 202 points.<br /><br />Geneva College was picked to finish sixth (200), followed by Carnegie Mellon University in seventh (157), Grove City College in eighth (154), Thiel College in ninth (149), Westminster College in 10th (96), and Saint Vincent in 11th (46).<a href='https://www.flickr.com/photos/wcn247/14847430645' title='PAC Preseason Football Poll by WCN 24/7, on Flickr'><img src='https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3838/14847430645_20ea1dc520_z.jpg' width='640' height='465' alt='PAC Preseason Football Poll'></a><br />Thomas More and seventh-year head coach Jim Hilvert earned a share of the conference title in 2013, finishing the season 9-1 overall and 7-1 in PAC action. Heading into the 2014 season the Saints have either claimed outright or shared a PAC football title five times since joining the league in 2005.<strong>2014 PAC Football Preseason Poll</strong><br />School (first-place votes) Points 2013 Record (PAC)<br />1. Thomas More College (29) 367 9-1 (7-1)<br />2. Washington & Jefferson College (2) 330 8-3 (7-1)<br />3. Waynesburg University (1) 293 7-4 (5-3)<br />4. Case Western Reserve University (1) 246 5-4<br />5. Bethany College (1) 202 4-6 (4-4)<br />6. Geneva College 200 5-5 (4-4)<br />7. Carnegie Mellon University 157 3-7<br />8. Grove City College 154 5-5 (3-5)<br />9. Thiel College 149 3-7 (3-5)<br /><strong>10. Westminster College 96 4-6 (3-5)</strong><br />11. Saint Vincent College 46 0-10 (0-8)<br />'Being selected number one in the PAC's preseason poll is a credit to both our past and present players. We still have to go out every Saturday and play with a chip on our shoulder. When adversity presents itself during the season, we need to be able to overcome it. We have to come together as a team and have championship intensity every single day to achieve all of our 2014 goals,' said Hilvert.<br /><br />The Saints were also picked as PAC preseason football favorites heading into the 2009-2012 seasons.<br /><br />Also announced at this afternoon's Media Day was the PAC's 60th anniversary football team. The PAC, formally organized in 1955 by Case Institute of Technology, Western Reserve University, John Carroll University, and Wayne State University, is celebrating its 60th anniversary throughout the 2014-15 academic year. The 60th anniversary celebratory team was created to honor outstanding PAC student-athletes that have competed as members of both present, and past, PAC-affiliated institutions.<br /><br />The league football schedule gets underway on Saturday, Sept. 6, with the PAC Kickoff 2014 matchup and 29th Annual Academic Bowl between Carnegie Mellon and Case Western Reserve at DiSanto Field in Cleveland (7 p.m.). The Spartans and Tartans have met annually since 1970, but the matchup wasn't designated as the Academic Bowl until 1986. Carnegie Mellon and Case Western Reserve are in their first seasons as affiliate members of the PAC in football, but are no strangers to the PAC. Case Western Reserve is a charter member of the PAC and competed for league championships until the 1983-84 academic year, while Carnegie Mellon held its PAC membership between 1972 and 1990.  Wed, 06 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1966 Another positive mosquito sample for West Nile Virus shows up in Lawrence County http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1965 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-1534535101443834634.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> NEW CASTLE, Pa.-- Department of Environmental Protection officials report another positive mosquito sample for West Nile Virus has show up in Lawrence County.  This week a positive sample came in from North Beaver Township. Samples from all counties are taken and analyzed by the DEP daily to track and identify risks for the illness and posts the information online (<a href='http://www.westnile.state.pa.us/'>click here</a>).The DEP's West Nile Virus Program (WNVP) reported a positive mosquito sample in Lawrence County last month in Pulaski Township.The positive sample of the virus was taken on Tuesday, July 22 in the Pulaski Township area.  Daily updates are posted on the WNVP website.In 2000, West Nile virus appeared for the first time in Pennsylvania in birds, mosquitoes and a horse. To combat the spread of West Nile virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes, Pennsylvania has developed a comprehensive network. This network, which covers 40 counties, includes trapping mosquitoes, collecting dead birds and monitoring horses, people and, in past years, sentinel chickens.Residents are encouraged to use insect repellent to reduce contact with mosquitos that can carry West Nile. Wed, 06 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1965 WC makes the list of 50 Great Affordable Colleges in the Northeast http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1964 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-1832867946265851392.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- Westminster College was named one of the '50 Great Affordable Colleges in the Northeast' by Great Value Colleges, a website that helps students find the best possible education for their money.The categories considered are: six-year graduation rate; freshmen retention rate; student-to-faculty ratio; percentage of classes taught by teaching assistants; average entrance ACT score; number of campus organizations; number of academic programs; and Forbes ranking.  In addition, all schools on the list have a net price (total cost of attendance minus the average financial aid package) under $22,000.The 50 schools that meet the criteria are further divided into public and private institutions.  Others in the private school category include: Princeton, Yale, and Harvard Universities; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Dartmouth, Vassar, and Wellesley Colleges.<a href='http://www.greatvaluecolleges.net/affordable/northeast-us/'><strong>Great Value Colleges (website) </strong></a>cites Westminster's freshmen retention rate (87%) and six-year graduation rate (77%) as 'well above average' and states pre-med students are 'accepted into med schools at nearly double the national rate.' Wed, 06 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1964 Big local environmental group backs away from partnership with energy companies http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1963 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg2313093074312009117.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> PITTSBURGH (AP) - Another environmental group has distanced itself from the Pittsburgh-based Center for Sustainable Shale Development, a hotly-debated partnership between major energy companies, green groups, and foundations.PennFuture, a leading Pennsylvania environmental group that helped found the center, is no longer a 'strategic partner.' The Public Accountability Initiative, a Buffalo, New York non-profit, disclosed the shift Wednesday and also criticized the center's staff and funders for ties to the oil and gas industry.Penn Future spokeswoman Elaine Labalme says they still participate with CSSD when they believe it's worth providing input.<br />Sustainable Shale director Susan LeGros says they work with groups who have different viewpoints. The group seeks tougher but voluntary rules on gas drilling.<br />Over the past year the Heinz Endowments and the William Penn Foundation stopped funding the center.<br /> <br />Copyright 2014 The Associated Press.<br />  Wed, 06 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1963 Princeton Review Survey ranks Theatre Westminster one of the best in the country http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1962 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-5862281953911300556.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> Westminster College is one of the country's best institutions for undergraduate education, according to The Princeton Review.  The education services company features Westminster in the new 2015 edition of its annual college guide, 'The Best 379 Colleges.'Westminster earned recognition (ranked 20th) in the 'Best College Theater' category and was included in the 'Town-Gown Relations are Great' category.Only about 15 percent of America's 2,500 four-year colleges and four colleges outside the U.S. are included in the book.Students praised the 'extremely accessible and helpful' professors, supportive classmates, great career services, safe campus, and opportunities for involvement. One student said, 'Contrary to popular belief, Westminster College, not Disneyland, is the happiest place on earth.'The guide's editors noted: 'Westminster College has remained intent on crafting a personalized learning process for students, with the aim of turning out well-rounded individuals who can live and affect the world in a positive way. The challenging liberal arts curriculum provides a broad foundation for academic study, and the school heavily stresses the application of what's learned by pushing students to prepare themselves for the future using real-life simulations.'At this very happy place, the administration always keeps the interests of the students in mind, the classes are small, and students get the attention they need. Westminster runs on personal relationships between faculty and students, and even the janitor knows your name. The low student/teacher ratio means the extremely accessible and helpful professors are devoted to ensuring that every last student understands the material.''Westminster College offers outstanding academics, which is the chief reason we selected it for the book,' according to Robert Franek, Princeton Review's senior vice president of publishing and author of 'The Best 379 Colleges.'  'We base our choices primarily on data we obtain in our annual surveys at these schools and at hundreds of other colleges.  We take into account input we get from our staff, our 27-member National College Counselor Advisory Board, our personal visits to schools, and the sizable amount of feedback we get from our surveys of students attending these schools.  We also work to maintain a wide representation of colleges in the book by region, size, selectivity, and character.'The rankings are based on The Princeton Review's survey of 130,000 students.  The 80-question survey asks students to rate their own schools on several topics and report on their campus experiences. Wed, 06 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1962 Marcellus Shale gas production hits new high http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1961 <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg3049840725211212865.jpg" style="border: 1px solid #0b1143;" align="right" alt="" /> <br />PITTSBURGH (AP) - Federal energy experts say Marcellus Shale natural gas production has hit an all-time high.The U.S. Energy Information Administration says Tuesday that production from Pennsylvania and West Virginia totaled about 15 billion cubic feet per day in July.That's more than seven times the 2010 production.The Marcellus Shale generally lies about a mile or more underground, and is the most productive natural gas field in the U.S. At current rates the total yearly production is the energy equivalent of about 800 million barrels of oil.EIA says it expects that Marcellus production will continue to grow.<br /> <br />Copyright 2014 The Associated Press.<br />  Wed, 06 Aug 2014 05:00:00 GMT http://www.westminster.edu/acad/comm/radio/radio_post.cfm?id=1961