Allison Park, PA
   Alyssa Hanna
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a daughter of Susan Hanna and Mark Hanna, Myrtle Beach, S.C., and a graduate of Shaler Area High School.  Her documentary, "Woman to Woman," provides a glimpse into the lives of Israeli women from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds.  "There is so much to learn by opening your eyes to another culture.  So many people in America have misunderstandings about the Middle East, particularly Israel, and the way women are treated.  I spent five weeks learning about these different women and their lives.  I have a lot of respect for these wonderful, creative, strong people and all that they do."  (Session 5, 3:30-4:30 p.m.)

Beaver Falls, PA
   David Nicholson
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a son of John and Tina Foster and a graduate of Blackhawk High School.  His documentary, "With Healing Comes Hope," shows the direct impact the Lawrence County Crisis Shelter has on the local community.  "Meeting these individuals really brought to light what a wonderful service they provide and how they really do change people's lives.  I think what I most want viewers to get from this is that they can really make a difference, too, and it doesn't take much effort."  (Session 3, 12:30-1:30 p.m.)

Houston, PA
   Brittany Grego
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a daughter of Tim and Kim Grego and a graduate of Chartiers-Houston High School.  Her documentary, "All You Need Is Love," tells the story of Grego's aunt, a Make a Wish Foundation volunteer, and a nine-year-old boy with the common goal of finding someone in whom to confide.  "My goal is to move the audience in a way that makes them appreciate their loved ones.  I want everyone to realize that all they need is love to get through the ups and downs of life.  Sometimes you find someone who changes your whole life when you least expect it."  (Session 1, 9:30-10:15 a.m.)

New Castle, PA
   Kate Altman
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a daughter of Wes and Laurie Altman and a graduate of Mohawk Area High School.  Her documentary, "The Castle of New Castle: The Scottish Rite Cathedral," is a tour of the landmark that is visible from most of New Castle and examines the construction behind it.  "My hope is that people will watch this and realize how much originally went into building the Scottish Rite Cathedral and what it takes to maintain it today.  Producing and directing this documentary was an extremely enjoyable experience for me.  I was able to learn more about a local landmark, meet many knowledgeable people, and pass that knowledge on to others."  (Session 3, 12:30-1:30 p.m.)
   Tiffany Burson Camara, a senior broadcast communications major, is a daughter of Delbert Burson and Joyce Schell and a graduate of Campbell Memorial High School.  She is the wife of Westminster graduate Jordan Camara.  Her documentary, "Legal," explores the complex bureaucracy of legal immigration into the U.S.  "After marrying Jordan, an immigrant from the Philippines, I saw how much red tape immigrants must face.  By telling the story of Jordan's student processing, my documentary shows how difficult and expensive this can be."  (Session 1, 9:30-10:15 a.m.)

New Kensington, PA
   Bradford Arick
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a son of Scott and Janice Arick and a graduate of Kiski Area High School.  His documentary, "One Community's History of Cultural Faith," takes the audience through Mt. St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, a National Historic Landmark in New Kensington.  "I have attended Mass at St. Pete's for many years and grew up around the beauty and serenity of the church.  I want people to see how beautiful it is, be moved by the ornate structure, and appreciate how much time, effort, and love went into constructing it."  (Session 4, 2-3:30 p.m.)

Pittsburgh, PA
   Ashley Bishop
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a daughter of Robert and Nancy Bishop and a graduate of Baldwin High School.  Her documentary, "Four Paws, Two Hearts," explores the process of training a therapy dog as seen through the eyes of two board members of the Lawrence County Humane Society.  "I learned that it takes a special dog to become a therapy animal.  I hope one thing people will take away from this documentary is that therapy dogs and their owners are patient, kind, and special."  (Session 4, 2-3:30 p.m.)
   Marshall Cupelli, a senior broadcast communications major, is a son of Alfred and Kristy Cupelli and a graduate of Upper Saint Clair High School.  His documentary, "1988, The Year of the Titan," tells the story of Westminster's 1988 undefeated football team and the touchdown pass in the final 13 seconds of the NAIA national championship game that broke the tie and gave Westminster the victory.  "This is one of the better stories in Westminster history.  You only see this kind of story in Hollywood."  (Session 2, 10:30-11:30 a.m.)
   Jeffrey Houser, a junior broadcast communications major, is a son of Jeffrey and Kathy Houser and a graduate of Northgate High School.  His documentary is "Point, Click, Worship."  (Session 6, 5-6 p.m.)

Pottstown, PA
   Ethan Yeager
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a son of David and Cynthia Yeager and a graduate of Owen J. Roberts High School.  His documentary, "Inside the Huddle: A Tribute to Coach Verrelli," pays tribute to the Wilmington High School football coach who has been coaching for more than 30 years and whose victories include district and state championships.  "This documentary will show how Coach Verrelli has inspired the whole New Wilmington community and his players.  I hope everyone realizes how much a high school teacher/coach really means to a small town."  (Session 2, 10:30-11:30 a.m.)

Sewickley, PA
   Geoff Klein
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a son of Gene and Pam Klein and a graduate of Quaker Valley High School.  His documentary, "The Magic of Literacy," explores the Westminster FirstBook program and raises the importance of exposing children to literature at a young age.  The mission of FirstBook is to provide personal copies of books to underprivileged children.  "I love what the organization does for families and I hope this documentary inspires people to help out.  I think my favorite part of this whole experience was making the music.  Being a musician and working with other great artists really made it fun for me."  (Session 4, 2-3:30 p.m.)

South Park, PA
   Matthew Pereslucha
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a son of Deborah and Rich Pereslucha and a graduate of Kiski Area High School.  His documentary, "Let Go and Let God," follows his personal journey on a week-long mission trip to Jamaica and explores the unique personalities that came together to form a mission team.  "I think people definitely have a misconception of Christian mission work.  I want viewers to see the good these people are doing across the world.  We're trying to change lives for the better and, in the process, our lives are changed."  (Session 6, 5-6 p.m.)

Tionesta, PA
   Angela Tucker
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a daughter of Mary Conti and the late John Tucker and a graduate of West Forest High School.  Her documentary, "Classroom in the Woods," takes viewers inside the McKeever Environmental Center.  "One of my favorite things about making this documentary was getting to interview all of the kids.  They kept me laughing throughout the editing process."  (Session 3, 12:30-1:30 p.m.)

Newark, OH
   Drew Trifelos
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a son of Jim and Melanie Trifelos and a graduate of Granville Christian Academy.  His documentary, "Life in Ruins," takes viewers into Greece, one of the world's oldest civilizations, at a time when economic crisis is seen by the word as the country falling apart and on the brink of destruction.  "It was a really good experience, learning about one of the world's oldest societies and how they are dealing with one of history's most difficult situations.  It really opened my eyes and helped me understand the vast differences between the world's cultures.  It was a journey I will never forget and I hope everyone who sees it will never forget it either."  (Session 5, 3:30-4:30 p.m.)