Junior Group

      1 - Alex Gentile, John Guerrini, Andy Jones, Lou Emmet, Jase Paxton: "Blacks in Baseball" (Greenville Area)
      2 - Morgan Krall, Molly Montalvo, Casey Breese: "Women's Armed Services Integration Act" (Greenville Area)
      3 - Bradi Osborne, Janelle Sauer, Yuliya Kulik, Kayla Chambers: "La Tour Eiffel Debate" (Greenville Area)
   Junior Individual
      1 - Daniel Greathouse: "Wolf Wars:  Undoing Our Mistakes or Unleashing a Monster?" (Homeschool)
      2 - John Cianci: "13 Days 90 Miles - The Cuban Missile Crisis" (St. Michael)
      3 - Madison Fattman: "Girls Can't What?!" (St. Michael)

   Junior Individual

       1 - Katie Ross: "The Peace Movement" (St. Michael)
       2 - Christian Riggle: "The Little Rock Nine" (St. Michael)
       3 - Dylan Leonard: "Debate over the Atomic Bomb" (St. Michael)
   Senior Individual
       1 - Walter Greathouse: "The Making of a Nation:  Diplomacy During and After the Revolution" (Homeschool)
       2 - Alexandra Steighner: "Declaring Independence:  The Success of the Enlightenment" (Seneca Valley Intermediate High)

   Junior Group

       1 - Seth Jaussen, Rob Holder, Colton Shilling, Tony McCartney: "Cuban Missile Crisis:  Debate and Diplomacy" (Greenville Area & Grove City Middle)
   Senior Individual
       1 - Patrick King: "A Tender Age in Bloom:  The Seattle Story" (Seneca Valley)
       2 - Morgan Miller: "Civil Cases in Education" (Grove City)

   Junior Individual

       1 - Zach Miller: "Dropping the Bomb" (Greenville Area)
       2 - Julia Hecking: "Scopes Trial" (Greenville Area)
   Senior Individual
       1 - James Fetterman: "Calvin Coolidge:  Voice of Freedom" (Seneca Valley Senior   High)
Senior Group
      1 - Allyson Meighen, Garrett Erwin, Morgan Marshall, Sean McErlane: "Jimmy Carter and the Camp David Accords" (Greenville Area)
      2 - Trevor Mitchell, Brooke Marini, Kyle Marini, Kirsten Hauser: "Scopes Trial:  A Barrel of Monkeys Debate" (Greenville Area)