Glenshaw, PA
   Lee Biermeyer
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a son of Lee and Adele Biermeyer and a graduate of Shaler Area High School. His documentary, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant: An In-Depth Look at Ladies of the Dukes in New Castle, takes viewers behind the scenes of a small restaurant on New Castle's East Side that is only open Sundays. The homemade food, fresh sauce, and friendly service are only part of the reason over 300 meals are served every week. Employees and customers share their thoughts and explain why it's not just a restaurant, but more like a family. "I hope people watch this and begin to salivate," Biermeyer said. "This documentary was an enjoyable experience for me, getting to know the workers and people behind this restaurant and what makes it so popular. It was also an eye-opening experience to see how much work goes into operating a special kind of restaurant like Ladies of the Dukes."

New Castle, PA
   Adam Plyler
, a senior broadcast communication major, is a son of Michael and Marjorie Plyler and a graduate of New Castle High School. His film, A Tradition of Coaching Excellence: The Story of Lindy Lauro, follows Lauro's career from his playing days as a New Castle Red Hurricane to his tenure as the team's coach. "This documentary will inspire people in many ways," Plyler said. "I hope everyone enjoys this film and will be filled with happiness after watching it."

New Wilmington, PA
   Corey Emanuele
, a senior broadcast communications and media art major, is a son of Guy and Sherry Emanuele and a graduate of Wilmington Area High School. His documentary, Taylor Made, profiles Gary Taylor, Wilmington Area High School band director for 25 years and inspirational individual who has changed students' lives. "He has influenced many students who have passed through his marching band," Emanuele said. "I felt that it was important to document the lives he has touched, as well as spread awareness of his importance in the high school."

Rural Ridge, PA
   Kayla Zoller
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a daughter of Michael and Dee Zoller and a graduate of Fox Chapel Area High School. Her project, The Real Work: The Bahamas, explores ways students are volunteering for mission trips and showcases those with the Caribbean Youth Network. The film sheds light on the work they do that often goes unnoticed. "I thought this would be an interesting way to show what some college students really do on their time off," Zoller said. "Although many college students go to the beach for spring break, there are those who help others in need. It was my mission to focus on those students who were working overtime on what could have been their time off."

Union City, PA
   Robert Maleski
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a son of Robert and Pamela Maleski and a graduate of Union City Area High School. His documentary, Team by the Bay: The Erie Seawolves, follows the minor league baseball team that is only blocks from Lake Erie. The project grew out of Maleski's summer internship with the team.

Warren, PA
   Jonathan McAfoos
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a son of Gary and Joan McAfoos and a graduate of Warren Area High School. His project, Titan Glory: How One Man Changed a Program, profiles the efforts of Girish Thakar, Westminster soccer coach, who has recruited, scouted, developed, and maintained close relationships with his players to build winning programs for the men's and women's teams. "I hope that this film will shed some light on how good Westminster's soccer programs truly are, as well as how big an impact Thakar has had during his time with the Titans," McAfoos said.

Washington, PA
   Michael Hazlett
, a senior broadcast communications major, is a son of Michael and Pamela Hazlett and a graduate of Chartiers-Houston High School. His film, Life on the Road: The Culture of Motocross, shadows two weeks in the life of entrepreneur Drew Carl as he and his employees follow the motocross circuit, not as competitors but as merchandise vendors. Carl's company, Escore, rents/sells transponders, a software component each racer mounts on his/her vehicle to help determine the outcome and score the races. "Life on the Road looks at the interrelationship of the Escore crew and Carl's relationship with other vendors and the racing world's people," Hazlett said. "I became aware of the benefits of living on the road, as well as the setbacks, as I watched a bond form between this small traveling community."