Houston, PA
   Brittany Grego
, a junior broadcast communications major, is a daughter of Timothy and Kimberly Grego and a graduate of Chartiers-Houston High School. Her video essay, "Diversify the Farm with Goats," can be viewed at http://www.vimeo.com/11846855. "My topic focused on goat farming and why people raise them. I loved this project! I learned how to make the topic interesting and entertaining through writing and how to bring out more natural sound of the goats. I loved going out, meeting my subjects, interviewing them, learning about their lives, and taking everything I learned to inform and entertain the public. I felt like a real reporter going out on the scene and getting that field experience that will greatly benefit me."

New Castle, PA
   Katelyn Altman
, a junior broadcast communications major, is a daughter of Weston and Laurie Altman and a graduate of Mohawk Area High School. Her video essay, "Golf Car Supply in New Castle," can be viewed at http://www.vimeo.com/11872483.

New Kensington, PA
   Bradford Arick
, a junior broadcast communications major, is a son of Scott and Janice Arick and a graduate of Kiski Area High School. His video essay, "Family History Detective Work at the New Castle Library," can be viewed at http://www.vimeo.com/11902846.

Pittsburgh, PA
   Ashley Bishop
, a junior broadcast communications major, is a daughter of Robert and Nancy Bishop and a graduate of Baldwin High School. Her video essay, "How Do You Say Volant?," can be viewed at http://www.vimeo.com/11847775. The video offers a brief history of the Lawrence County village that is nearly 200 years old. It begins and ends with trying to discover the correct pronunciation of the town's name. Volant resident and unofficial historian Betty Steve is the expert source.

Tionesta, PA
   Angela Tucker
, a junior broadcast communications major, is a daughter of Mary Tucker and the late John Tucker and a graduate of West Forest High School. Her video essay, "Bingo Night at the Scottish Rite Cathedral," can be viewed at http://www.vimeo.com/11848130.

Newark, OH
   Drew Trifelos
, a junior broadcast communications major, is a son of James and Melanie Trifelos and a graduate of Granville Christian Academy. His video essay, "Bluebird Farmers," can be viewed at http://www.vimeo.com/11846960. Blanche and Richard Kind have helped bring the bluebird back to their community by building and maintaining dozens of bluebird houses on their Grassy Crest Dairy Farm in Plain Grove Township. For more than a decade they have observed and recorded the bluebird activity, including how many nests have been built and the number of eggs hatched. "It was definitely a good project, as it was different than what we had been used to. Having it worth 10% of my grade didn't seem too bad until it was made known that we didn't get that if the video essay wasn't used. That kind of put me on edge as I did not know if my work would be good enough. What I took away from the assignment is knowing what can be expected from reporters, not only interviews and multiple shots, but also being able to put it all together so that it flows-which is not as easy as I had thought previously."