Junior Group Exhibits

1. Ethan Micsky and Tyler Perample: "Andrew Carnegie" (Greenville)
2. Maria Castello, Nikki Macri, Erica Mendel, Rachel Schratz, Jessica Capra: "Telegraph, Telephone, Telecommunications" (Holy Sepulcher)
3. Jake Serbic, Orion Piper, Josh Bulboff: The Grand M1 Garand" (St. Michael)

Junior Individual Exhibits
1. Nanami Mano: "Plastics: Shaping Modern Life" (Greenville)
2. Jacob Reimold: "GERONIMO! Opening Your Eyes to the Evolution of the
Parachute" (St. Michael)
3. Sam Faber: "Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal: Just a Big Ditch?" (St. Michael)

Senior Group Exhibits
1. Emily Bucha, Erica Cyphert, Sara Merkle: "The Sewing Machine: Putting the Pieces Together" (Grove City High School)
2. Jenna Meighen and Kyle Semroc: "The Model Woman" (Greenville)

Senior Individual Exhibits
1. Kiley Shuman: "Joseph Holmes: A Master of Natural Light Photography" (Seneca Valley Intermediate)
2. Kyle Gallagher: "NextGen: The Future of Safe Air Travel" (Seneca Valley Intermediate)

Junior Individual Papers

1. Alex Leonard: "The Origin of Aerial Combat" (St. Michael)
2. Emily Marshall: "The 'Write' Stuff in History" (St. Michael)
3. Nathan DelMaramo: "Fireworks, an Explosive Innovation" (St. Michael)

Senior Individual Papers
1. Jack Kooser: "The Frontier Nursing Service: Affordable Health Care in Rural America" (Seneca Valley Intermediate)
2. Simon Brown: "Innovating Greed: The Progression of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913" (Seneca Valley Senior High)
3. Walter Greathouse: "Changing the Face of Warfare: The Story of the Gatling Gun" (Homeschool)

Junior Individual Performances

1. Tyler Smart: "No Bones about It" (St. Michael)
2. Bradley Thompson: "The Sewing Machine: Stitching its Way through the Hearts of
Women" (Mercer)

Junior Group Performance
1. Renee Decker and Elizabeth Paparone: "Argument of the Century" (Grove City

Senior Group Performance
1. Tony Shaffer, Max Chomas, Alex Knaby, David Potsubay: "A Man and His Machine: Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin" (Grove City High)

Senior Individual Performance
1. Kedric Reiser: "Frank Lloyd Wright: An American Visionary" (Mercer)

Junior Group Documentaries

1. Anne Demarest and Madie Pochatko: "Innovations in History: The Beginning of Our
American Government" (Greenville)
2. (Tie) Nathan Albensi and Allen Shaffer: "The History of the Television" (Holy Sepulcher)
2. (Tie) Morgan Miller and Brianne Blancha: "The International Red Cross" (Grove City Middle)

Senior Group Documentary
1. Joe Ligo and Cole Handerhan: "Packard: A Legacy of Innovation" (Mercer)

Senior Individual Documentary
1. Adam Zahren: "Theater: An Influence on American Values" (Seneca Valley Senior

Web sites
Junior Individual Web Site

1. Austin Higgins: "Harvesting Tools and Equipment" (St. Michael)
2. Katelyn Love: "Pittsburgh Innovations" (Mercer)
3. Kirsten Hauser: "Milton S. Hershey: The Life and Legacy" (Greenville)