Westminster College Announces Regional History Day Winners

Friday, May 23, 2014

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. - Students from area middle and senior high schools and home schools competed in the regional History Day competition at Westminster College in April.

This year's theme was "Rights and Responsibilities in History." Students investigated the theme through competing in one of five categories: documentaries, exhibits, papers, performances, and websites.

Regional winners in each category advanced to the state contest, May 12-13, at Millersville University. State winners will advance to the Kenneth E. Behring National History Day Contest at the University of Maryland at College Park in June.

The regional winners are:

Junior Individual Paper:
First place - "The Defoliant that Ruined Millions of Lives" - Cassie Hockett --St. Michael School (Greenville)

Second place - "Desegregation of a Race: The Rights of the African Americans in the United States" - Abram Shannon --St. Michael School

Third place - "The Judge, the Jury, and You" - Justin Osborne -- St. Michael School

Senior Individual Paper:
First place - "Rights and Responsibilities of Occupying Armies: Do the Rights and Responsibilities of the Geneva Convention Prevent War from Working?" - Michael Sutton - Mars Area High School

Second place - "Homestead: The Bloody Battle for Reform" - Sam Govan - Knoch High School

Third place - "From Peasants to Emperors: How the Aztec Empire Worked" - Michael Long -- Seneca Valley High School

Junior Individual Exhibit:
First place - "Japanese-Americans: Prisoners of War" - Matthew Guy -- St. Michael School

Second place - "An Era to Recall" - Hannah Primm -- Mars Area Centennial School

Third place - "Tax that Changed Lives" - Caroline Hoovler - St. Michael School

Junior Group Exhibit:
First place - "Blazing Protest" - David Cianci and Trey Groleau - St. Michael School

Senior Individual Exhibit:
First place - "Fall of the President's Men" - Nathaniel Pettit - Knoch High School

Second place - "Preserving Our National Parks: American Rights and Responsibilities" - Delaney Lisco - Seneca Valley Intermediate High School

Senior Group Exhibit:
First place - "Women of the WWII Era" - Callie Ritchie, Delaney Baumis, Marley Parish, Hailey Tammaro, and Makayla Dupont -- Laurel High School

Junior Group Documentary:
First place - "The Fight to Fight" - Madison Murphy and Katie Addison -- St. Michael School

Second place - "Guns and Government" - John-Michael Yusiric and Hannah Brewer - St. Michael School

Junior Individual Website:
First place - "Tea and Taxes" - Jacob Johnson - St. Michael School

Second place - "Will It Come True?" - Shai Hargrove -- St. Michael School

Third place - "Slavery: The Right to Freedom" - Logan Stanfa - St. Michael School

Junior Group Website:
First place - "Hippie Hippie Shake" - Gina Maloney and Leah Mariacher - St. Michael School 

Second place - "Women's Property Rights" - Kathryn Leonard and Jaclyn Toth -- St. Michael School

Third place - "The Declaration of Independence: The Rights of Our Nation" - Sarah DelMaramo and Annamarie Berger - St. Michael School

Senior Individual Website:
First place - "Agronomy and Apiculture: Rights and Responsibility" - Natalie Shimo - Homeschooled

Second place: "The Right to Bear Arms: America's Shifting Position" ­- Daniel Greathouse - Homeschooled

Junior Group Performance:
First place: "Two Strong Believers" - Rachel Carl, Ashley Proper, Grace Messer, and Jaclyn Nichols - Grove City Christian Academy

Second place: "Children's Bureau: Protecting the Children" - Kathy Williams, Alexandra Suhar, Makayla Utlak, and Noah Guy -- St. Michael School

Regional winners at the state contest were:  Nathaniel Pettit (Knoch High School), first place, Senior Individual Exhibit; Madison Murphy and Katie Addison (St. Michael School), fifth place, Junior Group Documentary; and Abram Shannon (St. Michael School), sixth place, Junior Individual Paper.  Pettit will advance to the Kenneth E. Behring National History Day Contest.

Click here for a list of all of the winners.

Contact Dr. Patricia Clark, Westminster College associate professor of history, at 724- 946-7248 or email for more information.  

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