Student Profile: Steve Totin '14

When recycling plastics, paper, and bottles most of us throw the items into the recycling bin without a second thought. This is not so for Steve Totin. The fine art major has a passion for creating installation pieces out of refurbished materials.

Steve has always had an interest in creating things and was encouraged by his parents to follow his passion. He wants to one day share his love of art by displaying his work and encouraging others to follow their passion for art as well. After graduation from Westminster College Steve hopes to earn his master's in fine arts and then teach at a university.

Westminster has provided Steve with opportunities to attend conferences and additional courses to help him perfect his art. This past summer Steve was awarded a merit scholarship to attend Ox-Bow, an art school in Michigan where Steve attended a two-week summer residency. He also attended a sculpture symposium, where he was able to listen to presentations and view work by experts in the field of sculpture, and was able to learn about graduate programs.

This upcoming April Steve will be presenting a solo show at Westminster's Foster Art Gallery. It will feature at least six pieces made out of refurbished materials, including an installation made from plastic shopping bags and bottle caps that will be suspended from the ceiling. Steve said this is an incredible opportunity for him to not only display his work to the public, but also to use the show in his portfolio to present to potential graduate schools.

Steve said that Westminster has provided much more than just these few opportunities though. The College and its professors have provided guidance, motivation, and preparation for life beyond college. The professors have been just as passionate about Steve achieving his dreams as Steve himself.

"The art professors have guided me at getting better at making art and understanding contemporary art. They teach me how to shape my own work," Steve said. "The other professors have taught me how to look at things in a different manner, to question things more than I did before college, and to dive deeper into the things I'm interested in."