2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Penn State Behrend vs. Westminster
  Date: Oct 29, 2015 • Site: New Wilmington, Pa.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [90:00].
 End of period [90:00].
 Foul on Westminster.
 Corner kick by BEHW Caitlin Caldwell [78:56].
Penn State Behrend 6, Westminster 0
[78:29]  GOAL by BEHW Megan Schwartz.
[77:50]  WES substitution: Sara Stawitzky for Gretchen Schwarz.
[77:09]  WES substitution: Selena Dasari for Mackenzie Gruber.
[76:08]  BEHW substitution: McKenna Aleksivich for Caroline Mashyna.
[76:08]  BEHW substitution: Katie Powers for Gionna Fonseca.
[74:34]  WES substitution: Carli Sebest for Rebecca Bradnam.
[72:48]  WES substitution: Gretchen Schwarz for Rachel Simko.
[72:48]  WES substitution: Emily Irvine for Raechel Pusateri.
[70:41]  BEHW substitution: Tessa Munshower for Laura Schaefer.
[70:41]  WES substitution: Gabriella Tissue for Jacquelyn Holiday.
[67:06]  BEHW substitution: Amanda Donahue for Alex Bilka.
Penn State Behrend 5, Westminster 0
[67:03]  GOAL by BEHW Alex Bilka, Assist by Caitlin Caldwell.
[65:28]  WES substitution: Liz Brautigan for Sydne Slingluff.
[65:16]  Shot by BEHW Gionna Fonseca HIGH.
 Foul on Westminster.
[64:07]  Shot by BEHW Caroline Mashyna, SAVE Rachael Letscher.
[63:37]  Shot by BEHW Megan Schwartz, SAVE Rachael Letscher.
[63:02]  Shot by BEHW Megan Schwartz WIDE.
[62:08]  WES substitution: Mackenzie Gruber for Keely Birsic.
[61:16]  BEHW substitution: Catherine Eichenlaub for Leah Morra.
[60:38]  Shot by WES Rebecca Bradnam, SAVE Mackenzie Troyan.
[58:12]  Shot by BEHW Olivia Belack BLOCKED.
[56:00]  WES substitution: Raechel Pusateri for Devin Furness.
[52:52]  Shot by WES Rebecca Bradnam, SAVE Mackenzie Troyan.
[50:06]  Shot by BEHW Meghan Burgdolt, SAVE Rachael Letscher.
 Corner kick by BEHW Olivia Belack [49:58].
[48:20]  Shot by WES Alexandra Bigler WIDE.
[48:05]  Rachael Letscher at goalie for Westminster.
[47:55]  Mackenzie Troyan at goalie for Penn State Behrend.
[46:24]  Shot by WES Rachel Simko, SAVE Taylor Troyan.
[45:48]  Shot by WES Rachel Simko WIDE.
 For WES: #01 Rachael Letscher, #21 Devin Furness, #26 Alexandra Bigler, #3 Abbey Gore, #28 Rylie Shaw, #20 Jacquelyn Holiday, #22 Mere Mishler, #6 Keely Birsic, #10 Rebecca Bradnam, #13 Rachel Simko, #9 Sydne Slingluff.
 For BEHW: #15 Caroline Mashyna, #12 Laura Schaefer, #14 Meghan Burgdolt, #21 Sami Lowry, #28 Gionna Fonseca, #0 Mackenzie Troyan, #16 Olivia Belack, #4 Amber Nolf, #17 Megan Schwartz, #7 Leah Morra, #10 Alex Bilka.
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].