2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Thiel vs. Westminster
  Date: Oct 15, 2014 • Site: New Wilmington, Pa.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
 For WES: #13 Grant Gagnon, #22 Marcus Gurgiolo, #6 Cody Postupac, #10 Ethan McCarthy, #14 Zack Walters, #33 Daniel Bishop, #11 Aboubakar Toure, #2 Eric Michalski, #9 Matthew Kiernan, #1 Michael Girata, #7 Ryan Francis.
 For THI: #6 Jordan Lilley, #10 Francis Ahia, #5 Cameron Janney, #11 Eric Wolf, #29 Keegan Moss, #13 Conner Nemunaitis, #12 Francis Jackson, #24 John Thiel, #25 Tyler Strite, #31 Dugan Paxton, #7 Ray Hanzak.
[46:18]  GOAL by WES Marcus Gurgiolo.
Westminster 3, Thiel 0
 *dribbled past defense, upper right
 Corner kick by WES Marcus Gurgiolo [48:16].
 Foul on Thiel.
[49:42]  Header Shot by WES Daniel Bishop WIDE.
[50:48]  GOAL by WES Marcus Gurgiolo, Assist by Ethan McCarthy.
Westminster 4, Thiel 0
 *cross in box, upper right
 Foul on Westminster.
 Foul on Thiel.
[56:45]  GOAL by WES Daniel Bishop, Assist by Zack Walters.
Westminster 5, Thiel 0
 *deflection off goalie in box
[56:47]  THI substitution: Zach Kubec for Francis Jackson.
[57:19]  Offside against Westminster.
 Foul on Westminster.
[59:07]  THI substitution: Luke Swetlic for Conner Nemunaitis.
[59:07]  WES substitution: Alec Fisanick for Aboubakar Toure.
[60:10]  WES substitution: Youssef Badri for Daniel Bishop.
[60:10]  WES substitution: Brett Thomas for Matthew Kiernan.
[60:10]  WES substitution: Fedja Smajic for Marcus Gurgiolo.
[60:10]  WES substitution: Jon Clark for Ethan McCarthy.
 Foul on Thiel.
[62:08]  Yellow card on THI Ray Hanzak.
[63:06]  THI substitution: Troy Elsea for Dugan Paxton.
 Foul on Westminster.
[65:13]  Offside against Westminster.
[66:19]  Shot by THI Ray Hanzak BLOCKED.
[66:22]  Shot by THI John Thiel HIGH.
[66:28]  WES substitution: Jeremy Wiening for Grant Gagnon.
 Foul on Thiel.
[69:25]  Offside against Thiel.
[70:47]  Shot by THI John Thiel WIDE.
[70:51]  WES substitution: Justin Jackovic for Cody Postupac.
 Foul on Westminster.
[71:39]  WES substitution: Cory Hughes for Eric Michalski.
[71:59]  THI substitution: Ray Hanzak for Zach Kubec.
[72:21]  GOAL by THI Troy Elsea.
Westminster 5, Thiel 1
 *far left
[72:21]  Sergio Collazo at goalie for Westminster.
[74:10]  Offside against Westminster.
[78:40]  WES substitution: Ryan Meyerowich for Brett Thomas.
[78:40]  WES substitution: Joshua Tanner for Fedja Smajic.
[78:40]  WES substitution: Bryan Greig for Kornel Foremski.
[78:40]  WES substitution: Gideon Coleman for Alec Fisanick.
[80:15]  THI substitution: Conner Nemunaitis for Ray Hanzak.
[80:55]  Shot by WES Ryan Meyerowich HIT CROSSBAR.
[81:08]  THI substitution: Alexander Green for Francis Ahia.
 Corner kick by THI Jordan Lilley.
[83:42]  WES substitution: Marcus Gurgiolo for Jon Clark.
[83:50]  Antonio Loffredi at goalie for Westminster.
[86:02]  Offside against Thiel.
[86:44]  Shot by WES Jeremy Wiening HIGH.
[86:48]  THI substitution: Josh Ross for Cameron Janney.
[88:47]  GOAL by THI OWN GOAL.
Westminster 5, Thiel 2
 End of period [90:00].