1st Period Play-by-Play

  Wash. & Jeff. vs. Westminster
  Date: 02/23/15 • Site: New Wilmington, Pa.-Buzz Ridl Gymnasium

1st Period Play-by-Play
00:02WESGOOD! LAYUP by Cameron PozsgaiWES 37 - WJC 33(WES by 4)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Cameron Pozsgai
00:06WESMISSED JUMPER by Tre Major
  ASSIST by Nick Martin
00:46WJCGOOD! DUNK by Mitch LocherWES 35 - WJC 33(WES by 2)
00:49WESFOUL by Paul Carswell
  ASSIST by Brandon Domenick
01:04WESGOOD! 3 PTR by Cameron PozsgaiWES 35 - WJC 31(WES by 4)
01:14WJCTURNOVR by Tyler Haas
01:20WESGOOD! LAYUP by Paul CarswellWES 32 - WJC 31(WES by 1)
01:33WESSTEAL by Paul Carswell
01:34WJCTURNOVR by Tyler Haas
02:03WESGOOD! 3 PTR by Cameron PozsgaiWJC 31 - WES 30(WJC by 1)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Charlie Wallander
02:11WJCMISSED JUMPER by Tyler Haas
02:30WESGOOD! FT SHOT by Matt GetsyWJC 31 - WES 27(WJC by 4)
02:30WESGOOD! FT SHOT by Matt GetsyWJC 31 - WES 26(WJC by 5)
02:30WJCFOUL by Brian Lindquist
  REBOUND (OFF) by Matt Getsy
02:33WESMISSED LAYUP by Matt Getsy
02:43WJCFOUL by Brian Lindquist
  ASSIST by Mike Resnik
02:55WJCGOOD! LAYUP by Brian LindquistWJC 31 - WES 25(WJC by 6)
03:25WESGOOD! 3 PTR by Brandon DomenickWJC 29 - WES 25(WJC by 4)
03:58WJCGOOD! LAYUP by Brian LindquistWJC 29 - WES 22(WJC by 7)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Brian Lindquist
04:03WJCMISSED JUMPER by Doug Johnson
04:16WESGOOD! FT SHOT by Cameron PozsgaiWJC 27 - WES 22(WJC by 5)
04:16WESGOOD! FT SHOT by Cameron PozsgaiWJC 27 - WES 21(WJC by 6)
04:16WESMISSED FT SHOT by Cameron Pozsgai
04:16WJCFOUL by Mitch Locher
  REBOUND (OFF) by Cameron Pozsgai
04:29WESMISSED 3 PTR by Brandon Domenick
04:52WJCTURNOVR by Doug Johnson
05:00WESFOUL by Garrett Ashbaugh
  ASSIST by Garrett Ashbaugh
05:14WESGOOD! LAYUP by Deontay ScottWJC 27 - WES 20(WJC by 7)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Deontay Scott
05:25WJCMISSED LAYUP by Brian Lindquist
05:45WESFOUL by Jason Pilarski
05:45WESTURNOVR by Jason Pilarski
  ASSIST by Tyler Haas
05:56WJCGOOD! LAYUP by Mike ResnikWJC 27 - WES 18(WJC by 9)
  ASSIST by Garrett Ashbaugh
06:34WESGOOD! JUMPER by Cameron Pozsgai (in the paint)WJC 25 - WES 18(WJC by 7)
  ASSIST by Nick Martin
06:52WJCGOOD! 3 PTR by Jake SwanWJC 25 - WES 16(WJC by 9)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Mike Resnik
07:01WESMISSED JUMPER by Brandon Domenick
07:26WJCGOOD! JUMPER by Brian LindquistWJC 22 - WES 16(WJC by 6)
07:42WESGOOD! LAYUP by Garrett Ashbaugh (fastbreak)WJC 20 - WES 16(WJC by 4)
07:45WESSTEAL by Garrett Ashbaugh
07:46WJCTURNOVR by Nick Martin
07:55WESGOOD! LAYUP by Cameron PozsgaiWJC 20 - WES 14(WJC by 6)
08:00WESSTEAL by Coty Gander
08:02WJCTURNOVR by Nick Martin
  REBOUND (DEF) by Nick Martin
08:18WESMISSED 3 PTR by Coty Gander
  ASSIST by Nick Martin
08:48WJCGOOD! LAYUP by Brian LindquistWJC 20 - WES 12(WJC by 8)
08:50WESFOUL by Jason Pilarski
08:56WJCSTEAL by Mike Resnik
08:57WESTURNOVR by Paul Carswell
  REBOUND (DEF) by Coty Gander
09:07WJCMISSED LAYUP by Brian Lindquist
09:20WESGOOD! FT SHOT by Jason PilarskiWJC 18 - WES 12(WJC by 6)
09:20WESMISSED FT SHOT by Jason Pilarski
09:20WJCFOUL by Jake Swan
  REBOUND (DEF) by Cameron Pozsgai
09:32WJCMISSED 3 PTR by Jake Swan
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jake Swan
09:43WESMISSED 3 PTR by Garrett Ashbaugh
  REBOUND (DEF) by Deontay Scott
09:49WJCMISSED LAYUP by Mitch Locher
  REBOUND (DEF) by Mitch Locher
10:01WESMISSED LAYUP by Deontay Scott
  REBOUND (DEF) by Paul Carswell
10:12WJCMISSED JUMPER by Mike Resnik
10:29WESGOOD! LAYUP by Deontay ScottWJC 18 - WES 11(WJC by 7)
10:44WESTIMEOUT 30sec
  ASSIST by Doug Johnson
10:48WJCGOOD! JUMPER by Eric HolmesWJC 18 - WES 9(WJC by 9)
10:52WJCSTEAL by Doug Johnson
10:54WESTURNOVR by Brandon Domenick
  ASSIST by Nick Martin
11:25WJCGOOD! JUMPER by Mitch LocherWJC 16 - WES 9(WJC by 7)
  ASSIST by Brandon Domenick
11:40WESGOOD! 3 PTR by Cameron PozsgaiWJC 14 - WES 9(WJC by 5)
11:59WJCGOOD! 3 PTR by Doug JohnsonWJC 14 - WES 6(WJC by 8)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Mitch Locher
12:15WESMISSED LAYUP by Deontay Scott
12:36WJCFOUL by Nick Martin
  ASSIST by Nick Martin
13:00WJCGOOD! 3 PTR by Doug JohnsonWJC 11 - WES 6(WJC by 5)
13:08WESFOUL by Charlie Wallander
13:08WESTURNOVR by Charlie Wallander
  ASSIST by Doug Johnson
13:40WJCGOOD! JUMPER by Mike ResnikWJC 8 - WES 6(WJC by 2)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Mike Resnik
13:53WESMISSED LAYUP by Charlie Wallander
  REBOUND (OFF) by Matt Getsy
14:13WESMISSED DUNK by Paul Carswell
14:19WJCFOUL by Tyler Haas
14:27WJCGOOD! JUMPER by Brian Lindquist (in the paint)WES 6 - WJC 6Tied
  REBOUND (OFF) by Brian Lindquist
14:38WJCMISSED JUMPER by Mitch Locher
  REBOUND (DEF) by Brian Lindquist
14:48WESMISSED JUMPER by Brandon Domenick
14:56WESSTEAL by Deontay Scott
14:57WJCTURNOVR by Tyler Haas
15:20WJCSTEAL by Tyler Haas
15:21WESTURNOVR by Deontay Scott
15:37WJCTURNOVR by Brian Lindquist
16:21WESGOOD! LAYUP by Matt Getsy (fastbreak)WES 6 - WJC 4(WES by 2)
16:24WESSTEAL by Matt Getsy
16:25WJCTURNOVR by Brian Lindquist
16:41WESTURNOVR by Brandon Domenick
16:47WJCGOOD! FT SHOT by Brian LindquistWES 4 - WJC 4Tied
16:47WJCMISSED FT SHOT by Brian Lindquist
16:47WESFOUL by Paul Carswell
17:02WJCSTEAL by Tyler Haas
17:05WESTURNOVR by Charlie Wallander
  ASSIST by Brian Lindquist
17:24WJCGOOD! 3 PTR by Doug JohnsonWES 4 - WJC 3(WES by 1)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Mitch Locher
17:35WJCBLOCK by Brian Lindquist
17:35WESMISSED LAYUP by Deontay Scott
17:55WJCMISSED LAYUP by Brian Lindquist
18:09WJCBLOCK by Brian Lindquist
18:09WESMISSED LAYUP by Deontay Scott
18:27WJCMISSED JUMPER by Mike Resnik
  ASSIST by Brandon Domenick
18:54WESGOOD! JUMPER by Deontay ScottWES 4 - WJC 0(WES by 4)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Deontay Scott
19:25WJCMISSED JUMPER by Tyler Haas
  ASSIST by Deontay Scott
19:43WESGOOD! LAYUP by Paul CarswellWES 2 - WJC 0(WES by 2)