4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  Carnegie Mellon vs. Westminster
  Date: Oct 02, 2015 • Site: New Wilmington, Pa.

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
Wes 3-8on Cmu33Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00.
Wes 3-8on Cmu33Paul Columbo pass incomplete to Cody Alward.
Wes 4-8on Cmu33Paul Columbo pass complete to Lareese Jackson for 33 yards to the CMU0, 1ST DOWN WES, TOUCHDOWN, clock 14:45.
Justin Dahl kick attempt failed.
Westminster 19, Carnegie Mellon 16
 Drive: 8 plays, 75 yards, TOP 3:10
Justin Dahl kickoff 49 yards to the CMU16, Herrera,Chris return 11 yards to the CMU27 (Wayne Seamans).
Cmu 1-10on Cmu27CARNEGIE MELLON drive start at 14:38.
Cmu 1-10on Cmu27Benger,Sam rush for 3 yards to the CMU30 (CJ Armstrong).
Cmu 2-7on Cmu30Benger,Sam rush for 3 yards to the CMU33 (CJ Armstrong;Mac Quinn).
Cmu 3-4on Cmu33Hearon,Andrew pass complete to Prather,John for 7 yards to the CMU40, 1ST DOWN CMU, out-of-bounds (Justin Shaw).
Cmu 1-10on Cmu40Hearon,Andrew sacked for loss of 9 yards to the CMU31.
Cmu 2-19on Cmu31Hearon,Andrew pass incomplete to Schillin,Graham (Todd Jeter).
Cmu 3-19on Cmu31Benger,Sam rush for 8 yards to the CMU39 (Mac Quinn;Miguel Luis).
Cmu 4-11on Cmu39Kohman,Tyler punt 48 yards to the WES13, downed.
 Drive: 6 plays, 12 yards, TOP 3:21
Wes 1-10on Wes13WESTMINSTER drive start at 11:17.
Wes 1-10on Wes13D. McKinley rush for no gain to the WES13 (Comsa,Nico), PENALTY WES holding (Vinny Nerti) 6 yards to the WES7, NO PLAY.
Wes 1-16on Wes07Paul Columbo rush for 63 yards to the CMU30, 1ST DOWN WES (Demarchi,Vince).
Wes 1-10on Cmu30D. McKinley rush for 8 yards to the CMU22 (Aitken,Ryan;Fitzmorris,Drew).
Wes 2-2on Cmu22D. McKinley rush for 11 yards to the CMU11, fumble forced by Aitken,Ryan, fumble by D. McKinley recovered by CMU Fagan,Jack at CMU11.
 Drive: 3 plays, 76 yards, TOP 1:44
Cmu 1-10on Cmu11CARNEGIE MELLON drive start at 09:33.
Cmu 1-10on Cmu11Benger,Sam rush for 6 yards to the CMU17 (CJ Armstrong).
Cmu 2-4on Cmu17Benger,Sam rush for 2 yards to the CMU19 (Tyler Beatrice).
Cmu 3-2on Cmu19Benger,Sam rush for 1 yard to the CMU20 (Wayne Seamans;Mac Quinn).
Cmu 4-1on Cmu20Kohman,Tyler punt 38 yards to the WES42, B. Paulinellie return 16 yards to the CMU42 (Johnson,Jacob).
 Drive: 3 plays, 9 yards, TOP 1:56
Wes 1-10on Cmu42WESTMINSTER drive start at 07:37.
Wes 1-10on Cmu42D. McKinley rush for 5 yards to the CMU37 (Danis,Alex).
Wes 2-5on Cmu37Paul Columbo pass incomplete to Ryan Kohler.
Wes 3-5on Cmu37Paul Columbo rush for no gain to the CMU37 (Abdelmoty,Samer), PENALTY WES holding (Mark Wagner) 10 yards to the CMU47.
Wes 3-15on Cmu473rd and 15.
Wes 3-15on Cmu47Paul Columbo pass incomplete to J. Bentley.
Wes 4-15on Cmu47J. Schnelbach punt 31 yards to the CMU16, fair catch by Abdelmoty,Samer.
 Drive: 4 plays, minus 5 yards, TOP 1:20
Cmu 1-10on Cmu16CARNEGIE MELLON drive start at 06:17.
Cmu 1-10on Cmu16Benger,Sam rush for 2 yards to the CMU18 (Tyler Beatrice).
Cmu 2-8on Cmu18Benger,Sam rush for 12 yards to the CMU30, 1ST DOWN CMU (Wayne Seamans).
Cmu 1-10on Cmu30Hearon,Andrew pass incomplete to Cree,Zach.
Cmu 2-10on Cmu30Hearon,Andrew rush for 1 yard to the CMU31 (Mac Quinn).
Cmu 3-9on Cmu31Benger,Sam rush for 2 yards to the CMU33 (Mac Quinn).
Cmu 4-7on Cmu33Kohman,Tyler punt 39 yards to the WES28, B. Paulinellie return to the WES30 (Dyer,Jonathan), PENALTY WES roughing the kicker (Justin Shaw) 5 yards to the CMU38, NO PLAY.
Cmu 4-2on Cmu38Benger,Sam rush for no gain to the CMU38 (Justin Smith).
 Drive: 6 plays, 22 yards, TOP 2:26
Wes 1-10on Cmu38WESTMINSTER drive start at 03:51.
Wes 1-10on Cmu38Kimu Kim rush for 4 yards to the CMU34 (Rylowicz,Sam).
Wes 2-6on Cmu34Kimu Kim rush for 15 yards to the CMU19, 1ST DOWN WES (Abdelmoty,Samer).
Wes 1-10on Cmu19Kimu Kim rush for 9 yards to the CMU10, PENALTY WES holding (Ryan Kohler) 10 yards to the CMU20.
Wes 1-11on Cmu201st and 11.
Wes 1-11on Cmu20Kimu Kim rush for 4 yards to the CMU16 (Bikuleg,Stanley).
Wes 2-7on Cmu16Timeout Carnegie Mellon, clock 02:17.
Wes 2-7on Cmu16Kimu Kim rush for 6 yards to the CMU10 (Comsa,Nico), PENALTY CMU unsportsmanlike conduct (Rylowicz,Sam) 5 yards to the CMU5, 1ST DOWN WES.
Wes 1-Gon Cmu051st and 5.
Wes 1-Gon Cmu05Kimu Kim rush for 1 yard to the CMU4 (Fitzmorris,Drew).
Wes 2-Gon Cmu04Timeout Carnegie Mellon, clock 01:44.
Wes 2-Gon Cmu04Kimu Kim rush for 4 yards to the CMU0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 01:39.
Justin Dahl kick attempt good.
Westminster 26, Carnegie Mellon 16
 Drive: 7 plays, 38 yards, TOP 2:22
Justin Dahl kickoff 54 yards to the CMU11, Herrera,Chris return 20 yards to the CMU31, fumble forced by S. Velazquez, fumble by Herrera,Chris recovered by WES TEAM at CMU26, PENALTY CMU holding declined.
Wes 1-10on Cmu26WESTMINSTER drive start at 01:29.
Wes 1-10on Cmu26TEAM rush for loss of 1 yard to the CMU27.
Wes 2-11on Cmu27TEAM rush for loss of 2 yards to the CMU29.
Wes 3-13on Cmu29End of game, clock 00:00.
 Drive: 2 plays, minus 3 yards, TOP 1:29