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Men’s Basketball: Belize Trip Blog - Part 5

Monday, June 30, 2014

***Members of the Titan men's basketball team share about their 2014 Belize trip in this exclusive blog.

"Usually Mondays are not everyone's favorite day of the week.  This Monday in Coco Beach was definitely not like an average Monday.  We started the day off by having some fun in the pool. We jumped off the rock and slid down the slide. We tossed a football around and also played a team game of volleyball. After the morning fun in the swimming pool, we hopped on the boat to make our way to the Coral reef to do some snorkeling.  While snorkeling we saw fish, sting rays, and even sharks.  Call us crazy but some of the players even hugged the sharks.  After snorkeling we came back to the resort and relaxed until we played another basketball game.  Although the Titans took a loss, it was a hard fought game against the San Pedro Tiger Sharks.  Overall, it was a glorious day in Coco Beach."

-Jason Pilarski, Sophomore Guard