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Wright’s NFL Journal Blog, Part 2

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Former Westminster College tight tend David Wright (Solon, OH / Solon), who recently graduated from Westminster with a degree in business administration, signed as an undrafted NFL free agent with the Tennessee Titans. David writes about his experience.

"On the last day of the Tennessee Titans' veteran mini-camp, I was called into the VP of player personnel's office and told to bring my iPad.  I immediately felt my throat tighten, because I knew that could only mean one thing.  In the process of being released by the Titans, I spoke with the VP of player personnel, Coach Ken Whisenhunt, and my tight end coach, Mike Mularkey.  They all were profuse in telling me that I did all that was asked of me, they love my raw talent, and that they believe I have a future in the NFL.  They told me when other teams call to inquire about me, they will give me a very strong recommendation.  However, they said they were looking for someone who would be able to make an impact this season, so they signed Dorin Dickerson (West Allegheny and Pitt grad), who is going into his fifth year in the NFL.  As I have only started 13 games in my entire football career, I understand their decision and thanked them greatly for the opportunity, but I assured each one of them that I am capable of a greatness that only I can see, and that we will cross paths again.

My five-and-a-half weeks in the NFL were the most thrilling weeks of my life.  Having the honor and distinction of playing on a team full of world-class athletes was an extraordinary experience that I will never forget and will always take pride in.  Especially coming from such a small football program (only 2 other D3 players got signed to an NFL contract in 2014), it was both intimidating and exciting to be playing alongside guys from huge programs.  My first week of camp, I recall my friend being interviewed after practice. The reporter asked, "What is it like coming from such a small school in Western Kentucky University and playing among players from big time programs?" and I thought to myself If Western Kentucky is a small school, what does that make Westminster?  But by the time we stepped on the field I was no longer enamored by all the big names, and I had bonded with the rookie class.    

My time with Tennessee showed me what I need to improve on, so I will be working on those areas to improve my game until I get a call from another team.  As of now, teams aren't practicing and they all have their 90-man rosters set.  That said, I likely won't hear anything until training camp starts at the end of July and players begin getting injured and/or underperforming, thus opening up opportunities for me to prove myself.  Until then, I will continue striving to defeat the odds."


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