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Men’s Basketball: Belize Trip Blog - Part 3

Saturday, June 28, 2014

***Members of the Titan men's basketball team share about their 2014 Belize trip in this exclusive blog.

"We started off our day by waking up at 5 a.m. to catch a 6 a.m. bus. We knew our first stop at the Mayan Ruins was going to be a few-hour drive so we stopped at a small gas station before we hit the road. Little did any of us know that we wouldn't be back from our adventures until late that day so no one really thought to grab any snacks other than some bagged water. We visited the Ruins and learned about their customs, religion, and architectural wonders. After, we drove for about an hour to a zip-lining course where the zip lines ranged from 50-1000 feet in distance. We left the course and proceeded to our next destination approximately five minutes away. There, we were given helmets and a water tube to venture through various caves. After traveling through dark, mysterious caves for two and half hours (with only a small head light placed on our helmets to guild the way), we were all ready for some quality Belizean cuisine. We stopped at a restaurant called Cheers on our way back to the hotel. After not eating for over 12 hours, the whole group was excited to finally get some food in our system and head back to the hotel to start our night. At the hotel, we all went our separate ways."

-John Arcuri, Sophomore Guard


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