Returning Athlete Information

We hope that your summer was enjoyable and that you are physically and mentally ready to return to Westminster. If you have had any injury or condition which has affected your ability to train and you have not already contacted us, please do so immediately.

After reading this letter complete and submit the medical forms (consult checklist at the bottom). This information needs to be on file before an athlete can be cleared for competition and practices. The deadline for returning forms: Fall Sports - July 15th, Winter/Spring Sports - August 1st. Should there ever be a change in the information (address, phone numbers, insurance coverage/policy numbers) please inform us so that we can keep our records current.

Special notice to all athletes who are on medication for ADD/ADHD: the NCAA rules for verifying the condition have been revised. You must have a letter from your doctor which verifies the diagnosis and includes the testing which was used in the determination. The ADHD Guidelines Attachment can be downloaded and given to your doctor to facilitate the process.

If you have had any changes to your insurance please update the Insurance Information Form. Please include a COPY of your insurance card as well.

If you are CURRENTLY under the care of a physician please access the Release of Information form so that the doctor will be able to forward any pertinent information to us. Remember that if you are using any type of supplement to send me an email with the specifics of the product name, manufacturer & dosage.

Remember that if you are using or considering a supplement then you should use the recording sheet and submit the information to us in order to ensure that there are no banned substances in those products. For additional information you may also consult the REC.

The NCAA has implemented a rule that every student athlete must provide documentation of his/her sickle cell trait status or complete a waiver program in order to be cleared for participation. The NCAA Sickle Cell Trait Fact Sheet provides information about the condition. In the medical information checklist there is a form which explains the procedures/options for the student-athlete.

If you have any questions on any issues then please contact us.

You have the option to: