New Athlete Information

Congratulations on your choice of Westminster College! Please take a moment and read the following information thoroughly; it addresses a number of important issues in your transition to college athletics.

After reading this letter complete and submit the medical forms. This information needs to be on file before an athlete can be cleared for competition and practices. The deadline for returning forms: Fall Sports - July 15th, Winter/Spring Sports - August 1st. Should there ever be a change in the information (address, phone numbers, insurance coverage/policy numbers) please inform us so that we can keep our records current.

With regards to insurance coverage for athletic injuries, there is a supplemental insurance policy which is provided for student-athletes. This is a secondary policy to cover expenses which are not met by your primary plan. This applies to injuries sustained during practice/competition within the NCAA recognized "in-season" period for his/her sport.

Please note with the College Admission Physical form you received in the admission package, at the bottom of the last page your signature is required under the participation in athletics section.

If there has been any past medical condition, injury or illness which resulted in restricted activity level, surgery or physical therapy then please make a copy of the Release of Information Form. Complete that form and forward it to the doctor that treated the condition so that information can be released to us.

In the event that the student-athlete will not be 18 years of age when he/she reports to campus, the parent/guardian needs to complete the Permission for Treatment of a Minor form.

As an NCAA institution Westminster College supports and participates in the NCAA's drug testing program. This means that any athlete in post-season NCAA Championship competitions may be randomly selected for drug testing. The NCAA List of Banned Drug Classes is included for you to examine. If you are using any prescription or over-the-counter medication please make sure that you list it/them on the medical history form when you complete it. If you are using or considering the use of any type of nutritional supplement then please contact me, either by phone or email. There are many supplements, even those sold over-the-counter, which contain substances which are banned by the NCAA. We want to make certain that you are not, even unknowingly, in violation of NCAA rules. Also, we want to prevent any potentially harmful side effects from occurring; there is a great deal of misinformation circulating with regard to supplements. For more information you can consult

Also, if you are on medication for ADD/ADHD in accordance with NCAA rules specific information must be sent from the treating physician which describes the assessment and treatment. The ADHD Guidelines Attachment can be downloaded and given to the doctor in order to facilitate this process.

In accordance with NCAA rules regarding sickle cell trait, intercollegiate athletes must either provide documentation of sickle cell trait status or go through the waiver process prior to being cleared for sport participation. The NCAA Sickle Cell Trait Fact Sheet provides information about the condition. In the medical information checklist there is a form which explains the procedures/options for the student-athlete.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me either by phone or email.

You have the option to: