Linking Past, Present and Future

SAA members are outgoing, confident students who enjoy representing Westminster. They understand the value of leadership experience and serve an important role as a link between the College and alumni. Members develop an understanding of the value of a life-long bond with Westminster and are prepared to be effective and supportive alumni. Membership is limited to 40 members.


Why Become an SAA Member?

  • SAA Builds Connections!!
  • Tap into the Westminster network of 18,000 alumni.
  • Hear what to expect after graduation and life after college.
  • Get a head start connecting with alumni in a comfortable setting.
  • If you aren't in SAA - You don't get to use the little doorknob at the Wiley Alumni House.
  • It helps you meet upperclassmen and become involved on campus.
  • Attend the annual District II ASAP conference.
  • Be involved behind-the-scenes and see how events run.
  • It's fun to hear alumni "I remember when..." stories.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Network, Network, Network
  • And then of course, SAA is just pretty sweet.


Members of SAA welcome the Class of 2013


Speed networking with alumni


Grill Out at Wiley Alumni House