50th Reunion - Class of 1961

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Names are listed front to back and left to right


Front row:  Nora Joan Beneke Rush, Carolyn Sharp Smith, Judy Andrews, Jan McGrath Carr, Darilyn, Kay Giffin Dobbs, Dick Warner, Sandra Myers Balmer, Judy Eckelmeyer

Second row:  Carol McLean Penn, Patricia Snyder Cruickshank, Patricia McKee McNelly, Anne Styles Overbeck, Paul McNelly, Emily Neff Zinsner, Nancy Holmback Robinson, Marcha Howard Drake, Judy Downall Molter, Wallace Growney, Richard White, Sandra Rambo Walker, John Cairns

Third row:  Raymond Pierson, Suan Langsford Pierson, William Repack, Allen Foster, Tom Mansell, Frederick Wilkes, Ron Miller, Gerry Myers, Miriam Morris Foster, Wayne Miller, Sandy Thunell Abt, Nancy Ball Gibbs

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