Seven Wonders of the Westminster Way Scavenger Hunt

For First-Year Students via Fresh Start New Student Orientation

August 24, 2013

Hosted by the Office of Institutional Advancement as part of GIVE Westminster (The Student Philanthropy Program at Westminster College)

During Fresh Start New Student Orientation, first-year students had the opportunity to experience various locations on campus, upload group photos from each location to their Class of 2017 facebook group, and learn the historic, philanthropic, and core value significance of each location.


Introduce the following:

  • The Westminster Way Core Values
  • Westminster College Mission Statement
  • The importance and impact of giving forward to the College’s future generations
  • Seven "must see" locations on campus

Westminster Way Core Values - Scavenger Hunt Stops:

  • Challenge - Wiley Alumni House
  • Compassion – Sandy Edmiston Memorial Labyrinth
  • Faith - PEACE Pole
  • Service – Old Main Tower Room
  • Success – The Mummy in Hoyt
  • Tradition – Burry Stadium
  • Learning – McKelvey Campus Center
At journey's end, the Seven Wonders of the Westminster Way Scavenger Hunt led first-year students to the 7ft. G.I.V.E. Pyramid at the Class of 2017 Welcome Picnic (Sponsored by the Student Alumni Association) at Wiley Alumni House.

Photo Gallery

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