Kraynak's Holiday Display

Join the Lawrence-Mercer-Clarion Regional Alumni Committee for a special tour of the Kraynak's Holiday Display. 
George Kraynak and his wife, Penny Rice Kraynak '75, will open the display early for our group.

No long line...beat the crowds...special Westminster holiday goodie bags for the children.
Event is free of charge but reservations will be helpful in planning.

Here are some local restaurants, in case you want to make plans to join your Westminster friends for breakfast after the Kraynak's tour.

Bob Evan's Restaurant, 115 S. Hermitage Road, Hermitage, PA
Denny's Restaurant, 2079 State Street, Hermitage, PA
Eat'N Park Restaurant, 2270 E. State Street, Hermitage, PA
Middlesex Diner, 3462 Sharon Road, West Middlesex, PA
Panera Bread, 2390 E. State Street, Hermitage, PA
Perkins Restaurant, 2945 E. State Street, Hermitage, PA


Saturday, December 14, 2013, 8:00 AM


2525 East State Street, Hermitage, PA

Regional Alumni Volunteers:

Sara Surgenor Arblaster '02
Barbara Jamieson Brown '67
Todd S. Cole '83
Karen Campman Emmett '75
Laura Ceraolo Kubyako '75
Roberta Laird '76
Kimberly Reash MacBeth '82
Diane Hopkins Pierson '98
Briana Palko Proudfoot '03
Judith Wiles Rorabaugh '76
Erin Anderson Schuetz '96
Dyan Chupak Sowers '02
Michelle France Smargiasso '69
Pete Slonaker '84
Marjorie Fechtmann Slonaker '85
Amy Whitling '08
Erinn Coccia Wolfe '03

For additional information, please contact Cindy Dafler '03, assistant director of alumni relations by e-mail or phone 724-946-7373.