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Starting or Completing an Undergraduate Degree in the Lifelong Learning Program


The Lifelong Learning Program

At Westminster, students find academic rigor, faculty who are personally interested in and available for students, a focus on learning and service, and a beautiful campus with modern teaching facilities - all in a comfortable small-town environment.  Westminster is a place where students thrive as they achieve their goals.

Westminster College's Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) has helped adult students start or complete a college degree since 1975.  Hundreds of students have accomplished this important life achievement. 

LLP students bring their life experiences and worldviews to the classroom and are valued members of the Westminster learning community.

LLP students can take semester-length day and evening courses, blended (online and classroom) courses, as well as courses offered in an evening accelerated block format.  Each block course is offered on a one-night-a-week basis, and in the space of one semester, two courses can be completed.  Taking block courses in a series of four courses kept in sequence over one academic year provides an opportunity for students to accelerate their program. 

There are 41 majors offered at Westminster, of which four can be completed entirely by taking evening block or evening semester courses:  Accounting, Business, English, and Public Relations.  The Elementary Education major can be taken entirely at night except for the last two semesters:  the teaching methods course semester followed by the student teaching semester.

Admission into Westminster's LLP Program will be considered when the application, essay, $35 non-refundable application fee, and all required documents (high school and college transcripts) are received by the Adult and Graduate Studies Office.

For more information, please contact the Adult and Graduate Studies Office by email or phone (724) 946-7353.  You may also call toll-free at 1-888-378-2779 or send a FAX to (724) 946-6351.

Degree Completion

Although some Lifelong Learning (adult) students begin their college studies at Westminster, many started college after high school but for various reasons did not finish.  Both groups, however, want to achieve a life goal - that of completing their bachelor's degree.

To apply, students must provide official transcripts from high school (or GED completion) and all colleges attended, whether or not credit was earned.  Credit can be awarded for work taken at regionally accredited college and universities in courses graded C- or higher that are also evaluated as equivalent to courses offered at Westminster.  Students can also receive credit by examination from CLEP, ACT-PEP, Advanced Placement, and the armed services.

To obtain a baccalaureate degree from Westminster College, students must complete 124 semester hours.  Regardless of how many credits a student may transfer from another institution, a minimum of 64 semester hours must be completed at Westminster College.  Of these 64, at least 16 must be in the student's major.

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