Lifelong Learning Program Testimonials

Dan, Business Administration:

  • “The Westminster LLP program is a great way to get a degree. It helped me to get my degree in less than three years.”
  •  “The faculty go out of their way to make learning comfortable, and the small classes give each student one-on-one time with the professor.”

Marcy, Business Administration:  

  • “The 9-week blocks work great, especially for non-traditional students…it allows/facilitates students to complete more classes each semester.”  
  • “I value the education I have received. The professors are outstanding, especially when working with us non-traditional students. There is a lot of support from all aspects in which one interacts – from the staff, departments, and other students.”

Janet, Accounting:  

  • “[A] strength of the LLP program is the strength, fortitude, and commitment of all the students in the LLP program. We are driven and inspired to better ourselves, and we will not let anything or anybody get in our way.”

Suzanne, Accounting:

  • “[The strengths of Westminster’s LLP program include] supportive counseling, classes offered in the evening to fit into work schedules, and the ability to participate in as many or as few classes a semester that you can handle.”

Katie, French:

  • “[Attending Westminster was] a great experience—a good price, understanding and caring staff and faculty members, a family-type atmosphere, but with high standards.”
  • “As an LLP student, I was able to go on a travel seminar to Italy and study abroad for 11 months – an unbelievable experience for me”!

Randolph, Public Relations:

  • “It [Westminster’s LLP program] has made me realize that I’m capable of much more than I thought I was.”
  • “Small classes and personalized attention of professors [are strengths of Westminster’s LLP program]. [Westminster] somehow feels like one big family, including students and faculty.”

Linda, English:

  • “I have gained a confidence in myself that I could only achieve by successfully completing my college education.”
  • “[The strengths of Westminster’s LLP program] are its flexibility and willingness to accommodate the lifestyles of adult students.”
  • “I have told many people that it has been a lot of long, hard work but well worth every second of it. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!”

Susan, Business Administration:

  • “[The LLP program] has given me new confidence. It has put me in a stronger position to advance my career.”
  • “Some of Westminster’s LLP program strengths: flexible scheduling – small classes – focus on real-world needs and requirements rather than just theory – helpful LLP staff.”

Nancy, Art:

  • “If you want to go back to college, go for it! One should always have many goals in life. No matter what your age, there is always room for learning something new. If you set your mind to it, with a strong willpower, you can accomplish most any goal."

Tammy, Public Relations, minor in Speech Communication:

  • “Westminster College’s LLP program was great! They made my college schedule work out with my work schedule. The staff is always willing to help you and make things easier for you. They make you feel important.”

Tim, Business Administration:

  • “Westminster’s LLP program gave me the qualifications for the position I now have. It [also] increased my confidence and inspired me to go on to grad school at the age of 45.”

Veronica, Speech Communication, minor in Public Relations:

  • “One of the [LLP program’s] strengths would have to be the dedication of the people in the LLP program to see their students achieve their goals and make it to the end. The program also allowed me to continue my life as a mother and wife while I attended school.”

Connie, Religion:

  • “The program was a means for me to be transformed in body, mind, and spirit. It was the beginning of a journey that opened the doors to several countries and a master’s of divinity.”

Joe, Business Administration:

  • “Along the way through the program, the people I met have touched my life in many ways. Professors, adjunct faculty, and fellow seekers of lifelong learning alike, all will be remembered for as long as I can evade the onset of elderly memory loss. Instructors who have given me the confidence to be who I worked so long and hard to be, and those who shared in the same desires and struggles as I had to endure to get there. Now that I can no longer be called a student at Westminster, all who I have met there have also lost their ‘titles.’ No more profs, faculty, instructors, or even fellow students, now only friends. I would like to thank you all.”