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Physician Assistant

  This program will be available only for students matriculating to Westminster by the fall of 2017.

3-3 Physician Assistant Program (M.P.A.) with Duquesne University

Westminster participates in a cooperative physician assistant program with Duquesne University. Students admitted into in the program spend three years as Biology majors at Westminster, followed by three years at Duquesne. After students have successfully completed 128 semester hours, they receive a B.S. in biology from Westminster College. After completing all six years of the program, they receive an M.P.A. from Duquesne University.

Students interested in this program should enter into this agreement with the full understanding that their preparation for a career as a physician assistant begins the moment they step onto the Westminster campus. To be eligible for the program, students must enter Westminster College with a minimum combined verbal/math SAT score of 1100, or an ACT composite score of 24.

To be eligible for transfer to Duquesne’s graduate program after three years, students must have earned 100 credit hours at Westminster and met all other published Duquesne admissions requirements. A maximum of five qualified Westminster students per year will be admitted to Duquesne under this program.

Information on this program, including specific qualifications and requirements, is available by contacting the chair of the Medical Professions Advisory Committee, Dr. John Robertson.

The following courses are required for the 3-3 Physician Assistant Program:

BIO 201 Cell Biology and Genetics
BIO 202 Evolution, Form and Function
BIO 203 Biodiversity and Ecology
BIO 206 Biostatistics and Experimental Design
BIO 301 Microbiology
BIO 302 Cell and Molecular Biology OR BIO 303 Molecular Genetics and Heredity
BIO 360 Ecology OR BIO 361 Biological Diversity
CHE 117 Principles of Chemistry
CHE 261 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 262 Organic Chemistry II
PHY 141 Foundations of Physics I OR PHY 151 Principles of Physics I
PHY 142 Foundations of Physics II OR PHY 152 Principles of Physics II
And one additional 300-level or higher biology course.

Students who are officially accepted into the Duquesne portion of the program are exempt from BIO 601 and BIO 602 (Biology Capstone).


What can you do with a Physician Assistant degree?

Imagine yourself a physician assistant in a doctor’s office or clinic.