As the All-College Honors Program cultivates the life of the mind and a spirit of service, it also promotes and supports activities that foster a sense of community while enriching the liberal arts experience. These activities are meant to build a community of Honors Scholars who demonstrate intellectual vitality and academic rigor, and to provide opportunities for exceptional students to gain a deep appreciation of the multiple dimensions of knowledge.


Musings at Mugsies

From time to time during the semester, we will gather at Mugsies, the neighborhood cafe, for "Musings at Mugsies." With coffee, other beverages, and snacks, we will hold casual discussions about academic and non-academic matters that are significant in your life and in the life of our country or the world, e.g., Westminster's mission statement, the global economy, your ideas about enriching and improving the Honors Program. Musings at Mugsies is intended to be something like the (intellectual-philosophical) salons of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Eating Outside the Bun

Three times each semester, we will be "Eating Outside the Bun" to get a taste of an extra-American culture through small group research and through eating at a restaurant serving that particular culture's cuisine. The purpose is not only for enriching our knowledge of other cultures but also for fellowship among Honors Scholars. In preparation, you will form small groups among you to do some basic research on various aspects of the particular nation or ethnic group: history, religion(s), music, art, literature, and cuisine. All should reflect on the significance of the nation or ethnic group in our world and for our education. Each group should share the research results en route to the restaurant; on the way back, we should reflect on the experience of "Eating Outside the Bun." Feel free to contribute your ideas for how to get the best out of this activity (e.g., cuisine suggestions)