International Studies Major

Are you interested in the history and culture of other countries? Do you enjoy studying a foreign language? Does graduate work in area studies, or employment in fields like international development or social services, overseas or with immigrant communities, appeal to you?

Then check out the International Studies Major, a joint project of the Political Science and Sociology Department, the Department of History and the Department of Modern Languages.

The program’s common core consists of 24 semester hours; exposing students to the study of global affairs from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The core courses include advanced language study (300-level), macro-economics  (ECO 152), political science (PS:104-International Relations) and a social sciences or humanities elective (HIS 102, GEO 101, REL 111 or SOC 105).

 The Concentrations:

In addition to completing the core each major select a particular area of concentration providing them with the opportunity to develop greater competencies in some aspects of global affairs. Three concentrations are available: International Politics, Global Development and Cultural Studies.

International Politics Concentration:  Emphasizing political science and international relations courses, this concentration focuses on the study of foreign policy, international diplomacy, international law and multilateral organizations.

Global Development Concentration:  Designed to prepare students for careers in global development. Students in this concentration choose an emphasis on either history or sociology courses focused on a social and economic conditions in the developing world.

Cultural Studies Concentration: Those interested in approaching international studies from a humanities and culture perspective choose this concentration with coursework emphasizing history or modern languages.

Off Campus Study*:


Regardless of concentration, all majors are required to complete a semester of study abroad or approved off campus study. Because this is a program requirement, students may normally use their financial aid to help cover off campus study expenses.


For more information, contact Dr. Park in Sociology or Dr. Murphy in Modern Languages.

Major in International Studies