Sociology Capstone Posters Fall 2011

The 2011 Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies Capstone research projects derived from the themes of inequality and intersectionality (of two or more forms of inequality). Student research focused around inequalities that included gender, religion, athletic participation, educational opportunity and occupational prestige, as these factors affected individuals’ access to material resources and social prestige.

Congratulations, students!

Nate Brandt: "Self-Objectivity and Self-Esteem: Effects on Inequality"

Tyler Craig: "Predictors of Religiosity Among College Students"

Jordan Dunn: "Division III Coaches' Perceptions of Gender Inequality"

Lexie Elliott: "Socioeconomic Status and College Success"

Katrina Falconer: "Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors of the College Student"

Steve Perrotta: "Inequality in Education: A Case Study"

Cassie Seaman: "Body Objectification at Fraternity Houses: An Examination of the Social and Environmental Settings"