Sociology Capstone Award

The Sociology Capstone Award is given annually to recognize a Capstone project that demonstrates sound use of theory and sophisticated research design and methodology on a topic of sociological importance.

2011 Award Co-Recipients: Alan Baldwin & Reesha Jackson

Balwin's Title: "Groups and Social Capital Formation"

Jackson's Title: "Environmental and Social Capital Influences on Childhood Obesity"

2010 Award Recipient: Tra-Linn Scott

Title: "Trust and Reciprocity: The Social Capital of Runaways."
Tra-Linn also presented her research at the 2010 NCUR (National Conference on Undergraduate Research) and at the 2010 Westminster Undergraduate Research Conference.

2009 Award Recipient:  Damon Neal

Title: "Social Capital within a Total Institution."

2008 Award Recipient:  Bethany South

Title: "The Effects of Dormitory Housing and First-Year Program on the Development of Undergraduates' Social Capital."
Bethany also presented her research at the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society in New York between February 22-24, 2008.