Request for Services

Please read our Policies section before submitting a request! Please submit separate requests for each specific visit. Only those teachers who have attended a workshop may borrow equipment, however any teacher can request the services of a Mobile Educator. Please be sure to submit a Post Visit Evaluation form following completion of services provided.

*School Name
*Type of visit:
*Students' Grade Level
*Date of Service
*Date of Return
*Starting Time
*Ending Time
*Maximum # of lab groups in any given class
Total # of students
Total # of advanced students
**Total Number of Classes
*For High School:  Choose a lab from the Experiments page.
*For Elementary:  Choose a Unit/General Topic(s) (ex. Weather/rain & clouds) 
Comments (i.e.; request technical assistance from mobile educator, any special glassware needs, do you need ordinary labware)

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