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Elementary Experiments

Student looking into microscope with laptop.

Earth Science


Rocks, Fossils and Soil   - rocks, soil, erosion, fossil classification  (LP/Delta) - Grades 2-3

Space - day/night, moon's orbit, seasons, sun, planets, stars/constellations (LP/Delta) - Grades 3-6

Space Camp: 6 activities simulating life in outer space - Grades 3-6

The Incredible Journey: Water cycle activity - Grades 3-6

Rocks, Erosion & Weathering: streak test, weathering, sedimentary/metamorphic, erosion  (LP/Delta) - Grades 4-5

Pollution - Grades 4-6

Recycling Paper - Grades 3-5


Environmental Science

A Stream in a Bucket - Grades 4-8

Stream Study Worksheet - Grades 3-8

Transpiration with  Calculators - Grades 6-8

Air: properies of air, pressure, Bernoulli's principle  (LP/Delta) - Grades 1-2

Mirror Magic:  reflection activities - Grades 1-6

Metric Olympics Triathalon Activities: - Grades 2-6

Reflection, Diffraction, Refraction:  - Grades 2-6

Sound Vibrations:  properties of sound, frequency, insulators  (Nutshell/Delta) - Grades 2-6

Bubbleology:  Bernoulli's principle, liquid rainbows, bubble technology - Grades 2-6

Matter and Energy:  melting/freezing/evaporation, heat, Periodic Table, atoms, solutions (LP/Delta) - Grades 3-4

Simple Machines with K'Nex - Grades 3-4

Machines and Motion:  force, inclined plane, levers, wheels, pulleys, motion  (LP/Delta) - Grades 3-4

Light:  properties of light, shadows, reflection/refraction, color, energy (LP/Delta) - Grades 3-4

Detective Lab:  fingerprint analysis, handwriting analysis, mystery ink, mystery powder  (Nutshell/Delta) - Grades 3-6

Magnets: Magnetic poles/fields, compass, magnetic force, electromagnet  (LP/Delta) - Grades 4-5

Electricity:  circuits, conductors, switches, parallel/series circuits - Grades 4-6

Newton's Toy Box:  gravity, mass v. weight, Law 1, Law 2, Law3, kinetic/potential energy (DSM/Delta) - Grades 5-6+

Density and Buoyancy


Life Science

How to Use a Simple Compound Microscope - Grades K-8

Glogerm -Germs and proper handwashing - Grades K-6

Couch Potato Olympics - Pen click a thon and the grabber - Grades K-6

Smell, Taste, Touch - Grades 3-6

The Enormous 'E'- Introduction to microscope and it's use - Grades 3-6

Taste Experiment-Tongue Mapping - Grades 2-6

Onion Rings - cell activity with microscopes - Grades 3-6

Human Body: system/tissue, nutrients in food, calories, digestion, circulation, respiration, osmosis, excretion, muscles/bones/joint - Grades 5-6

EKG for Elementary - Grades 5-8


General Science Sites