Religion Major

Christian Education Major

Concentration in the Religion Major:

  • World Religions
  • Christian Traditions

Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts

Westminster College, a church-related institution, offers a faith-informed liberal arts education. Courses in Religion are designed to enable students:

  • to understand and appreciate the various religious traditions of the world in their similarity and diversity;
  • to participate in the dialogue between and among peoples of faith;
  • to understand the relationships between religion and other dimensions of human experience;
  • to seek justice, compassion, and peace in ways which sustain and enrich global community;
  • to deepen their own faith commitments.

The World Religions Concentration

Study in World Religions offers students an understanding of religion in its various forms. This major provides a valuable perspective for understanding the significance of religion in the context of world events. It also contributes to the appreciation of the role of religion in other liberal arts areas such as sociology, psychology, history, and literature. More information:

The Christian Traditions Concentration

Study in the Christian Traditions provides the student with an understanding of the biblical, historical and theological aspects of the Christian belief and practice.

sound foundation for theological studies on the graduate level. More information:

Pre-Seminary Studies

Westminster has a strong reputation for preparing students for graduate work at a theological seminary. Although not required for entry into most seminaries, many students contemplating ordination find it advantageous to declare a major in Religion. The RHPC department offers appropriate supporting courses, in History, Philosophy, Greek and Latin. An ordained faculty member in Religion serves as the advisor for students interested in the ordained ministry.

Students in pre-seminary training are encouraged to develop program of study that is broad in scope. The Christian Traditions concentration and Christian Education major emphasize biblical knowledge and skills in biblical interpretation. Pre-seminary students are also required to take additional courses in supplementary fields such as History, Literature, Philosophy, Speech, and the Social Sciences. The program in Classics provides pre-seminary students the opportunity to take Greek 101 and 102, and also Greek 201 and 251 (see under Classics).  More information:

The Christian Education Major

Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts

The Christian Education program of Westminster College is designed to fulfill the College's commitment to provide educated leaders for the Christian Church in all its diversity.

Courses in Christian Education are designed to enable students:

  • to understand the biblical, historical and theological foundations of Christian belief and practice;
  • to provide insight concerning the physical, sociological, psychological and spiritual development of persons;
  • to learn skills in teaching for use in both the congregational and classroom settings;
  • to practice such skills in the context of congregations, classrooms and other ministries;
  • to evaluate and write curriculum for use in internship settings;
  • to seek justice, compassion, and peace in ways which sustain and enrich global community;
  • to deepen their own faith commitments.

The Christian Education major is designed to prepare students for certification as Christian Educators, and for employment in Christian schools or churches. Many Christian Education majors continue their studies in a theological seminary. Christian Education courses are valuable also for the development of lay leadership for service in churches. More information:

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