About Transcripts on Demand

Westminster College is partnering with SCRIP-SAFE International to deliver academic transcripts electronically. Electronic delivery is ONLY available for students who attended July 1988 to present, however paper transcripts may be requested electronically for any student who prefers to use this service.*

SCRIP-SAFE charges a $3.00 processing fee (paid by credit card at the time of the request) for each recipient (transcript addressee.) This fee goes directly to SCRIP-SAFE. Westminster College does not charge any additional fees for this service. Order updates are emailed to you and you can also check your order status and history online.

  • Network Delivery – Many colleges, universities and other agencies are members of this secure network and actively receive electronic transcripts. To view the list of SCRIP-SAFE network members, go to http://www.scrip-safe.com/products/electronic-transcripts/network-members.aspx.

  • OneTime Delivery – If your intended recipient is not a network member (including a transcript sent to you); your transcript can still be delivered electronically. Receivers are designated and identified by you, the requestor, through the recipient’s email address.

    1. Your transcript is never delivered by email, instead your recipient is notified by email that your transcript is available for pickup at the specific “one-time” URL identified in the email.

    2. To insure prompt delivery and receipt, make sure the recipient knows that you are sending them an electronic transcript and will accept the electronic version.

    3. Finally, ask the receiver to white list @escrip-safe.com.