The psychology major is designed to enhance a broad array of fundamental abilities - written and spoken verbal mastery; quantitative facility (especially statistical); and creative problem solving (stressing the scientific method and information technology tools). The major is composed of required and elective content area courses (both laboratory and applied work, an internship and a senior thesis). The senior thesis is accomplished as part of a full year program of independent and guided research.

Psychology majors find employment in a variety of areas including: mental health, business and industry, educational counseling, research, sales, social work, government and medical services. Since there are so many possible avenues of future employment for Psychology majors, students are encouraged to select their courses, internship sites, and senior thesis topics to be most relevant to a particular career track. These "advising" tracks include Developmental Psychology, Social and Organizational Psychology, Clinical/Counseling Psychology, and Research/General Psychology.

Psychology is a diverse field and has many links with other areas of study. Students completing the B.A. degree requirements for the major in Psychology-Occupational Therapy are eligible for admission to the Master of Occupational Therapy program at Duquesne University. Interdisciplinary major programs include Psychology-Human Resources (in conjunction with economics and business), and Neuroscience (in conjunction primarily with biology). Our interdisciplinary minor is Childhood Development (in conjunction with the education department).