Dr. Pamela Richardson Performs at Bridges Conference in The Netherlands

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dr. Pamela Richardson, Westminster College associate professor of mathematics, attended the Bridges Conference, a conference focused on the intersections of mathematics and the arts, in Enschede, The Netherlands from July 27-31, 2013.  Participants included professional mathematicians, computer scientists, software engineers, artists, sculptors, filmmakers, etc. 

While at the conference, Dr. Richardson attended sessions on nanotechnology, structural chemistry, architecture, symmetry, tilings, and origami; she also participated in workshops on weaving Mobius bands, using stencils to demonstrate glide reflections, and creating fractal wall hangings.

Dr. Richardson also participated in the conference's Experimental Theatre session, in which a group of invited participants and additional volunteers staged a reading of a full play, with minimal sets and costumes.  This year's performance was Half Life, a play by Canadian playwright John Mighton that is a touching exploration of the human memory with accents of mathematics and computer science throughout.  Dr. Richardson was both an actor in the company and the stage manager.
Evening conference activities attended by Dr. Richardson included a short film festival, a juried art gallery show, formal and informal music performances, the theatre session, and a mime show; all of these sessions had mathematical components. 
According to Richardson, the conference was an extremely beneficial experience:  "I hope to attend this conference again in the future, and I hope that I can involve more people from Westminster.  It is a genuinely interdisciplinary event."

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Pamela Richardson performing in Half Life