Mathematics Faculty and Students Attended 2012 MAA Allegheny Mountain Section Meeting

Monday, April 15, 2013

Several Westminster mathematics faculty and students attended the annual meeting of the Allegheny Mountain Section of the Mathematical Association of America at Indiana University of Pennsylvania on April 5-6, 2013.

Those in attendance included mathematics majors Andrew Kyrargyros, Daniel Rutkowski, and John Griebel, as well as mathematics faculty Dr. Jeffrey Boerner, Dr. Carolyn Cuff, Dr. David Offner, and Dr. Pamela Richardson.

The program consisted of mathematical presentations by students and faculty from Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia, invited talks by three nationally known speakers, a problem-solving competition for undergraduates, and social events. 

Westminster faculty Dr. David Offner and students Andrew Kyrargyros and Daniel Rutkowski gave talks at the conference.  Dr. Offner presented his research on "A New Lower Bound for a Variation of Cops and Robber on the Hypercube, with an Application to Graph Searching."  Kyrargyros spoke on his capstone research, "The Exactly 1 Cellular Automata;" and Rutkowski spoke on his research entitled "An Exploration in Cover Pebbling."

Dr. Richardson, Director of Student Activities, organized the student program for the meeting and organized a student problem solving competition for about 60 students from schools throughout the region; she was assisted in this endeavor by Drs. Carolyn Cuff and Jeffrey Boerner, who headed up the student puzzle competition in his role as "Puzzle Czar."

As Section officers, Drs. Boerner and Richardson also attended the Section Officers' Meeting. 

In addition, Drs. Boerner, Offner, and Richardson participated in the Section NExT workshop for new faculty in the Section.  The workshop was on Emerging Scholars programs and was led by Katherine Socha, Director of Education Policy at Math for America.

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John Griebel

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Daniel Rutkowski

Dr. Jeffrey Boerner

Dr. Carolyn Cuff

Dr. David Offner

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Dr. Pamela Richardson