2013 YSU PME Regional Conference

Monday, February 25, 2013

Eleven Westminster students participated in the 15th annual regional Student Paper Meeting hosted by the Ohio XI Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon at Youngstown State University on February 23, 2013.  Presenters included mathematics majors Bethany Ekimoff, Christina Erceg, John Griebel, Lisa Kaylor, Andrew Kieffer, Domenic Neely, Daniel Rutkowski, Morgan Swartz, and Emily Walther.  Mathematics majors Brandon Mosely and Michael Girata also attended the conference.

The students were accompanied by mathematics faculty, Dr. Jeffrey Boerner, Dr. Carolyn Cuff, Dr. David Offner, and Dr. Pamela Richardson, who served as advisors to the students.  Dr. Barbara Faires, faculty emerita and secretary of the Mathematical Association of America, also attended the conference.

The purpose of the meeting was to give undergraduate students the opportunity to present results of their research and to listen to presentations of interesting topics by other undergraduates from across the region.

Dr. Jeffery Boerner, Dr. Natacha Fontes-Merz, and Mr. James Anthony served as advisors to student presenter Emily Walther, who spoke on "Variations of Lollipops and Their Pebbling Numbers." 

Student presenter Andrew Kieffer was advised by Dr. Jeffrey Boerner and Dr. David Offner.  Andrew spoke on "Using a Markov Chain Model to Compare the 2012 MLB Playoff System to the 2011 System."

Dr. Natacha Fontes-Merz and Mr. James Anthony advised student Daniel Rutkowski.  Daniel's talk was entitled "An Exploration in Cover Pebbling." 

Student presenter Bethany Ekimoff, who was advised by Dr. Jeffrey Boerner, spoke on "An Examination of Checkerboard Surfaces on Knots."

Dr. Carolyn Cuff advised three students:  John Griebel, Morgan Swartz, and Dominic Neely.  John spoke on "A Fibonacci Sequence with Probability."  Morgan's presentation title was "Statistical Analysis of an Analytical Chemistry Experiment: Applications of Partial Least Squares Regression to Biodiesel Blends and Frackwater Samples."  Dominic spoke on "Quarantine for an Infectious Disease."

Dr. David Offner also advised two additional student presenters:  Christina Erceg and Lisa Kaylor.  Christina's presentation was entitled "Backgammon End Game Doubling Strategies in Money Play and Match Play."  Lisa spoke on "Matrices over Z (mod p) with Eigenvalues in the Same Field."

During this year's conference, Dr. Doug Faires, husband of Dr. Barbara Faires, was remembered for his dedication to undergraduates interested in mathematics.  He organized the first YSU PME Conference in 1999 and continued to be actively involved in the YSU PME Conference and the promotion of regional undergraduate mathematics conferences until his death in December 2012.  Following the conference, there was a memorial service at St. John's Episcopal Church followed by a reception in his honor.

The National Science Foundation - Mathematics Association of America Regional Mathematics Conferences (NSF-MAA RUMC) Grant Committee and the YSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics supported the conference this year.

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Row 1: Emily Dolsak '12, Bethany Ekimoff, Brandon Mosely, and John Griebel; Row 2: Dr. Carolyn Cuff, Morgan Swartz, Dr. Jeffrey Boerner, Lisa Kaylor, and Emily Walther; Row 3: Dr. David Offner, Michael Girata, Dr. Pamela Richardson, Domenic Neely, and Andrew Kieffer Missing from Picture: Christina Erceg and Daniel Rutkowski