Three Mathematics Majors Gave Talks at MAA's Annual MathFest

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Mathematics and Computer Science Dept. was represented by three students and a faculty member at the Mathematical Association of America's MathFest celebration held Aug. 2-4 in Madison, WI.

Greg Clark, Brandon Mosley, and Emily Walther, all junior mathematics majors, gave talks at the event. 

Brandon and Emily presented the results of research conducted in a summer research program involving graph pebbling, supervised by Mr. Jim Anthony, Westminster visiting lecturer of mathematics, Dr. Jeffrey Boerner, Westminster assistant professor of mathematics, and Dr. Natacha Fontes-Merz, Westminster associate professor of mathematics.

Greg Clark presented "Famous Sequences and Euclidean Algorithm Step Sizes", which was research that originated from his Number Theory course, taught by Dr. Fontes-Merz.

The faculty attendee was Dr. Jeffrey Boerner who also participated in the MAA Section Officer's Meeting.

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Dr. Jeffrey Boerner, Greg Clark, Emily Walther, and Brandon Mosley