Geek Week 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Westminster College's 8th annual Geek Week was held from October 31 - November 4, 2011, in the Hoyt Science Center.  Geek Week is a week-long competition designed to challenge students' knowledge of the sciences.  Students Haley Gabor and Jack Taylor were organizers of the event.

This year's competition consisted of eight teams of at least three students. Two teams represented both the Mathematics and Computer Science Department; the remaining six teams represented the Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology and Neuroscience Departments. 

The teams took part in a daily competition that challenged their knowledge in each respective branch of science.  Every department facilitated a day of competition. The challenge of the day was the choice of the respective department; and the teams met nightly for an hour to compete in each challenge. 

Each team's performance was tracked throughout the week, and at the end of the week, the Mathematics and Computer Science Department's two teams, "Square Root of Two" and "Speuler Alert" received 1st and 2nd place honors respectively and were declared the "Geekiest Groups on Campus."  Dr. John Bonomo, Associate Professor of Mathematics, captured the "Geekiest Professor" award for the 3rd year.

First Place Team:  "Square Root of Two"
Anthony Caratelli, Emily Dolsak, Beth Ekimoff, Coty Hainsey, Robert Rhodes

Second Place Team:  "Speuler Alert"
Stephanie Burkus, Gregory Clark, Shawna Howard, Jenna Huston, Michael Girata, and Carly Wallock

The awards ceremony took place the following Monday evening, November 7.

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First Place Team: Square Root of Two. Row One: Coty Hainsey; Row Two: Anthony Caratelli, Emily Dolsak, Robert Rhodes, and Beth Ekimoff

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Second Place Team: Speuler Alert. (L to R) Gregory Clark, Stephanie Burkus, Jenna Huston, Carly Wallock, Shawna Howard, and Michael Girata

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Dr. John Bonomo, Recipient of 2011 Geekiest Professor of the Year Award