Map Coloring Colloquium

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dr. Wallace Growney '61 was the guest speaker at a colloquium hosted by the Mathematics and Computer Science Dept. on October 14, 2011.  The colloquium was well attended by students, faculty, and alumni.

After graduating from Westminster with a degree in physics, Dr. Growney earned his PhD from the University of Oklahoma.  He was a Professor of Mathematics and Management Sciences at Susquehanna University, where he was an innovator in the fields of computer science and information systems.  He was a visiting scholar at Harvard, and a consultant for technology firms nationwide.

Dr. Growney presented his research related to the famous Four Color Theorem, which states that any map of contiguous regions can be properly colored with four colors.  Dr. Growney talked about the history of the problem, discussed his doctoral research and subsequent contributions, and described the eventual proof of the theorem, and current developments.

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Dr. Wallace Growney