Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities are available to students?

Westminster provides a campus-wide network that includes each residence hall room. All students have access to computer labs, on-line library support, and classrooms that are equipped with computer, audio, and video capabilities.

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department maintains a general purpose lab with a network of 21 PCs and a specialized UNIX lab. The Department's seminar room offers computers for student use, a working library of journals and reference books, and facilities for individual study and group project meetings.


What is the difference between computer information systems and computer science?

In general, computer information systems focuses on the application of information technologies in business organizations while computer science focuses on computer hardware and software for a variety of applications. The curriculum for CIS and CS majors at Westminster is identical for the first year and a half. Then, CIS students take courses in systems analysis and design, software engineering, and several business-related courses such as economics and accounting. CS students take courses in computer architecture, graphics, and artificial intelligence.


Do students who plan to teach mathematics at the high school or middle school level complete a major in mathematics?

Yes, and that is one of the strengths of the Westminster program; these students complete a major in mathematics and a minor in Secondary Education. Thus these students have a strong background in mathematics that enables them to be successful teachers in a wide range of school settings and over a long period of time. In addition, they are able to appreciate the role of mathematics in non-academic areas and direct students preparing for a variety of post-secondary careers.