Facilities and Location

Virtual Tour of Campus

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department is located in the Hoyt Science Resources Center, which sits at the corner of Maple Street and Westminster Drive.

Faculty and staff offices, as well as many of our classrooms, are located on the first floor of the building.
The department Seminar Room, is also located on the first floor. This multi-purpose resource room is used for individual and group study, drop-in tutoring, which is provided on a regular basis to the students, meetings, and special events such as the annual Mathematical Contest in Modeling.
In addition to the campus-wide computer labs, the department has a computer lab with 21 workstations running Microsoft Windows.
It also hosts a student-managed UNIX lab with 14 LINUX systems plus several servers. The UNIX lab provides a unique opportunity for students to be involved in systems management, as well as programming resources used in several computer science courses and many of our senior CS Capstone projects.