Curriculum Overview


The Mathematics Program at Westminster College offers the opportunity for students to acquire mathematical knowledge and develop thought processes that are fundamental to their liberal arts education. The program begins with the completion of the Calculus sequence which includes an introduction to proofs appropriate for a first level math major.  Students completing the major are prepared for graduate work, as well as, a variety of careers in education, business, industry, and government. 

Mathematics Curriculum

Computer Science and Computer Information Systems

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers programs which provide a broad background in computing knowledge and skills, as well as practical experience. Majors are offered in computer science and computer information systems and minors in computer science and information systems. These programs prepare students for advanced study in graduate school and a variety of careers in computer science and data processing. Students are hired on a competitive basis to serve as lab assistants and lab coordinators. 

Computer Science Curriculum

Computer Information Systems Curriculum

Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Information Systems